Nanotech 2011

Nanostructured Materials & Devices

Nanostructured Materials & Devices

Symposium Chairs

Fiona CaseFiona Case
NSTI Advanced Materials Coordinator
Case Scientific
Guillaume  CassaboisGuillaume Cassabois
Assistant Professor
École Normale Supérieure (ENS), Paris, France

Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 14

8:30 Opening TechConnect World Keynotes - Innovation Impact - Nanotech, Cleantech, Microtech, Biotech 2011
1:30 Welcome to Nanotech Germany
1:30 TechConnect IP Partnering: Advanced Materials/Chemicals
4:00 Italian Trade Commission Reception - Nanotech booth 1607, Cleantech booth 707
4:00 Innovation Showcase & Poster Session - Reception (4:00 - 6:00)
 Composite Materials
 Nanostructured Materials & Devices

Wednesday June 15

10:30 Canada Innovates! - Canadian Breakthroughs in Nanotech
1:30 TechConnect IP Partnering: Advanced Materials/Chemicals
1:30 US-China Nanotech Connect
3:30 US-China Nanotech Connect - Networking Reception - Booth 930 Expo Hall C (3:30 - 4:00)
4:00 Piemonte Agency For Investments, Export And Tourism Reception - Nanotech booth 1607, Cleantech booth 707
4:00 Innovation Showcase & Poster Session - Reception (4:00 - 6:00)

Thursday June 16

10:30 NanoFab: Synthesis & processing - creating nanostructured materials and devices
1:00 TechConnect Ventures: Advanced Materials/Chemicals

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 14

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8:30Opening TechConnect World Keynotes - Innovation Impact - Nanotech, Cleantech, Microtech, Biotech 2011Ball Room A
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, NSTI/CTSI, US
8:30Welcome and Opening
M. Laudon, TechConnect World Co-Chair, US
8:40Cross Sector Perspective on Nanotech to Cleantech Innovation
T. Earles, Lockheed Martin & Former OSTP, US
9:10No Small Matter: Scaling the Business of Materials Science
T. Taber, CTO, Eastman Kodak Company, US
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1:30Welcome to Nanotech GermanyRoom 205
1:30Opening and Welcome
F. Wolf, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Bonn, DE
1:40CNT A novel cooperation model to conquer new markets for CNT based products
P. Krger, Inno.CNT, DE
2:00Zentallium, ZoLiBat & H2Tank2Go-modules and ZE-powerplant -nanostructures for zero-emission future transportation and energy
D. Zoz, Zoz Group, DE
2:20Carbon Nanotubes and Nano Structures for Applicati on in Interconnects, Sensors and Wafer Level Packaging
S. Schulz, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems, Chemnitz, DE
2:40NanoMat: The German Network for Nanomaterials and Polymer Phase Lithography: Layout-Controlled and Spontaneous Structure Formation on the Nano Scale
T. Heiler, R. Hedderich, R. Grger, S. Walheim, T. Schimmel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, NanoMat, DE
3:00Sharing the enthusiasm for Nano
B. Gerbauer, Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM), DE
3:20CANdots: Nanoparticles for your Purpose
J. Niehaus, D. Tiegs, S. Becker, V-H. Tran, H. Weller, Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH, DE
3:40Hi-Tec Nano-Composites Containing Carbon Nanotubes
W. Schtz, FutureCarbon GmbH, DE
4:00Electron Beam Lithography: The Nanolithography for Nanotechnology
J. Krostoff and I. Stolberg, Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group, US
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1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Advanced Materials/ChemicalsRoom 303
Session chair: Brian Johnston, Eastman Kodak
1:30Segmented Flow Through Reactor for Tailored Particle Production
H. Hofmann, EPFL, CH
1:40Portfolio of Bio-Based Functional Resins and Thermoset Materials
J. Tolstedt, NDSU Research Foundation, US
1:50Biocidal Additives-Free Polymers
N. Gadoury, Univalor, CA
2:00A bio-based renewable route to the commodity chemical Isobutyric Acid
A. Hall, University of Minnesota, US
2:10CondAlign advanced conductive materials technology
M. Buchanan, CondAlign AS, NO
2:20Biobased Latex Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
E. Hockert, University of Minnesota, US
2:30Adhesive compostion based in natural solvents for tire retreading and shoes manufacture
M. Seferin, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul-PUCRS, BR
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4:00Italian Trade Commission Reception - Nanotech booth 1607, Cleantech booth 707Expo Hall
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4:00Innovation Showcase & Poster Session - Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall
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Composite MaterialsExpo Hall
-Surface modification of SiO2 micro spheres by NiFe2O4 nanoparticles
I. Prakash, N. Nallamuthu, P. Muralidharan, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University, IN
-Synthesis and ac conductivity studies of PEO+LiClO4+ La2O3 + MoO3 nanocomposite polymer solid electrolyte
P. Ramesh Kumar, M. Venkateswarlu, N. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry university, IN
-Organic- Inorganic Hybrid Composite made with Cellulose- Tin oxide
S.K. Mahadeva, J. Nayak, J. Kim, Inha University, KR
-ZnO-Cellulose Hybrid Material for a Green Nanocomposite
J. Kim, A. John, H.-U. Ko, S.-D. Jang, Inha University, KR
-Degradable elastomer composites containing layered silicate
M. Lipinska, M. Zaborski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
-Preparation and Characterization of Antibacterial TiO2/Poly[acrylamide-co-(acrylic acid)] Composite Hydrogel
K. Boonpavanitchakul, D. Yiamsawas, W. Kangwansupamonkon, National Nanotechnology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency, TH
-Retarded Growth of Nano-sized Carbide Particles in Liquid Metals at 1500C
J. Kim, J. Kim, M. Seo, J. Kim, S. Kang, Seoul National Univ., KR
-Yolk-shell nanoparticles: New avenues for developing nanoreactors and delivery vehicles
J. Liu, S.Z. Qiao, S. Budi Hartono, G.Q. Lu, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, AU
-Abrasion-Resistant Coatings by Nano-Diamonds
D. Ziltener, W.P. Weinhold R. Stengler, S. Guenther, Acctron AG, CH
-Carbon Nanotubes Change the Phase Diagram and Crystal Structure of 5CB Liquid Crystal
G.Y. Georgiev, M.B. McIntyre, E.A. Gombos, P. Cebe, Assumption College, US
-Computer Simulation of Graphene-Metal Composite Induced by Radiation
A.M. Ilyin, G.W. Beall, Texas State University, US
-Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Nylon 6/FeCl2 Composite Nanofibers
N. Kimura, B-S. Kim, Y. Enomoto, I-S. Kim, Shinshu University, JP
-Influence of Silica Nanoparticles on the Thermal Transitions and Structure of PHBA-PET Nanocomposites
F. Miranda, A. Acevedo, University of Puerto Rico, PR
-Coupling of Superconductive YBa2Cu3O7 and Antiferromagnetic TbMnO3 Bi-layer Composite Thin Films
L. Yan, M. Zhuo, N. Haberkorn, F. Ronning, J. Thompson, L. Civale, Q. Jia, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
-The Effect of Various Binder Additions on the Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic P/M Cores
H.J. Kim, K.S. Kim, J.J. Song, S.C. Yoon, S.I. Kim, Inje University, KR
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Nanostructured Materials & DevicesExpo Hall
-Electrodeposited 3-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous (3-DOM) Magnetic Materials
C. Kansal, K. Zeissler, B.N. Illy, W. Branford, M.P. Ryan, Imperial college london, UK
-Estimate effective interaction potentials from the static structure factor in pure fluids and nanocolloids
A. Oprisan, S.A. Oprisan, A. Teklu, J. Hegseth, College of Charleston, US
-Evaporative patterning of regular arrays of nanometer-sized metallic features using a mask of colloidal silica particles
J-C Cheang-Wong, L.M. Lpez, E. Resndiz, U. Morales, Instituto de Fsica, Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico, MX
-Growth and Characterization of Serrated GaN Nanowires
Z. Ma, D. McDowell, M. Abd Elmoula, E. Panaitescu, D. Reig, L. Menon, Northeastern University, US
-Integrated phase-Change memory in Bi2Te3 nanowires
N.A. Han, S.I. Kim, J.D. Yang, K. Lee, H. Sohn, H.M. So, C.W. Ahn, K.H. Yoo, Yonsei University, KR
-Fabrication of the Fe2O3 nanowires and application of the photodetector/optical switching
L.C. Hsu, Y.Y. Li, National Chung Cheng University, TW
-Fluoropolymer Nanofibers (VDF-TFE 5 mol%) by Electrospinning
R. Khalfin, Y. Cohen, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, IL
-Self-assembly of Nanostructured ZnO-based Homojunction by Two-step Method
Y.Q. Changand, Y.D. Lu, J.L. Guo, X.D. Cui, L. Yang, Y.W. Wang, Y. Long, University of Science and Technology of Beijing, CN
-Control of Pore Size in Nanoporous Ultralow Dielectrics
I.Y. Kang, S.H. Song, H.W. Rhee, Sogang University, KR
-Supramolecular Dielectric for Low Voltage Organic Electronics
H.-C.L. Tsui, J. Steinke, A. Campbell, Imperial College London, UK
-Study of the Electronic and Structural Properties of Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Trilayers
S.S. Coutinho, D.L. Azevedo, D.S. Galvo, State University of Campinas-UNICAMP, BR

Wednesday June 15

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10:30Canada Innovates! - Canadian Breakthroughs in NanotechRoom 206
10:30Breadth of Nano Research in Canada
M. D'Iorio, Director General, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
10:45Nanotechnology Research Landscape in Canadian Universities
F. Gu, University of Waterloo, CA
11:00Towards Industrialization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
B. Simard, NRC Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, CA
11:15Next Generation Electronic Products
C. Jean, Executive VP & General Manager, Teledyne Dalsa Semiconductor, CA
11:30Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) How to help fund your Research in Canada
M. Machado, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, US
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1:30TechConnect IP Partnering: Advanced Materials/ChemicalsRoom 305
Session chair: Keith Ritala, Washington Technology Center, US
1:30Carbon-coated Magnli Phase Nanoparticles
K. Elcess, Brookhaven Science Associates/Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
1:40(withdrawn) Suspensions of barium titanate nanopowder
A. Ragulya, Frantsevich Institute for problems in Materials Science, UA
1:50Magnesium alloy and Production Method
2:00Superhydrophobic Coatings
A. Detrana, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:10High quality plastic optical fiber manufacturing process
T. Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA
2:20RAFT Polymerisation for Agricultural applications
P. Stasinos, CSIRO-Australia, AU
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1:30US-China Nanotech ConnectExpo Hall Theater
1:30Introducing Suzhou Industry Park- a Vibrant and Progressive High-tech Hub in China
D. Zhang, Technology and Development Bureau, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), CN
1:45Overview of Suzhou Nano-manufacturing Capabilities
L. Liu, NanoGlobe, CN
2:00Printed electronics R&D in China and collaboration opportunities
Z. Cui, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech and Nanobionics (SINANO), CN
2:15Intradermal Drug Delivery Devices Based on Proprietary Functional Micro Array (FMA) Technology
B. Xu, Suzhou Natong Bionanotechnology Ltd. (Nanomed), CN
2:30Experience Sharing: Growing Venture Businesses in China
N. An, New England Chinese Information and Networking Association, CN
2:45Technology Partnership and Business Development Opportunities in Nanopolis Suzhou Q&A
L. Liu, NanoGlobe, CN
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3:30US-China Nanotech Connect - Networking Reception - Booth 930 Expo Hall C (3:30 - 4:00)Expo Hall Theater
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4:00Piemonte Agency For Investments, Export And Tourism Reception - Nanotech booth 1607, Cleantech booth 707Expo Hall
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4:00Innovation Showcase & Poster Session - Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall

Thursday June 16

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10:30NanoFab: Synthesis & processing - creating nanostructured materials and devicesRoom 204
Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
10:30Sub-wavelength metal nanostructure fabrication by parallel dip-pen nanolithography
J-W Jang, S. Nettikadan, NanoInk Inc, US
10:50Large Area Self Assembly of Gold Nanoparticle Clusters with Tunable Plasmon Resonance
F.L. Yap, S. Krishnamoorthy, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, SG
11:10Laser Writing of Metallic Nanostructures in a Polymer Matrix with Applications to Metamaterials
S. Shukla, X. Vidal, E.P. Furlani, M.T. Swihart, P.N. Prasad, Harvard University, US
11:30Recent Nanofiber Technologies, Mass Production and its Applications
B-S. Kim, K. Watanabe, N. Kimura, I-S. Kim, Shinshu University, JP
11:50Templateless electrodeposition of oriented polypyrrole nanowire array
C. Debiemme-Chouvy, CNRS - UPMC, FR
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1:00TechConnect Ventures: Advanced Materials/ChemicalsRoom 305
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
1:00Aeonian Bricks
D. Blalock, Aeonian Bricks, US
1:10Catacel Corp.
W. Whittenberger, Catacel Corp., US
1:20Cline Technologies
N. Holmquist, Cline Technologies, SE
1:30CondAlign AS
M. Buchanan, CondAlign AS, NO
1:40Pixelligent Technologies
C. Bandes, Pixelligent Technologies, US
1:50Opalux Incorporated
A. Arsenault, Opalux Incorporated, CA
2:00SixPoint Materials, Inc.
T. Hashimoto, SixPoint Materials, Inc., US
2:10MesoCoat Inc.
A. Sherman, MesoCoat Inc., US

Special Symposium

Nanotechnology takes manufacturing to the molecular level. Research in this area is opening new fields of development and applications in many areas: materials science (nanostructured materials), medicine, biotechnology, manufacturing, computing, information technology and communications.

As research progresses, nanomaterials with improved functionality will be created. This symposium focuses on the synthesis and development of novel materials that will be the foundation for new generations of nanoelectronics products and devices. It is coordinated with the symposia in the “Electronics & Microsystems” track.

This is also the home of our “novel nanostructured materials” session. If you have developed a unique nanostructured material that falls outside the scope of other symposia in the “Advanced Materials” track we invite you to submit your abstract in this topic area.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Metallic Nano Structures
  • Nano Wires
  • Materials for Optical and Display Technologies
  • Nano Devices & Systems
  • Novel Nanostructured Materials
  • Other

Journal Submissions

Experimental Nanoscience

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience

Selected Nanotech Proceedings papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. The journal provides a showcase for advances in the experimental sciences underlying nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

For consideration into this Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, please select the “Submit to Journal of Experimental Nanoscience” button during the on-line submission procedure.

Molecular Simulation

Molecular Simulation

Selected Nanotech Proceedings papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of Molecular Simulation. The journal covers all aspects of research related to, or of importance to, molecular modelling and simulation (including informatics, theoretical and experimental work).

For consideration into this Special Issue of Molecular Simulations, please select the “Submit to Molecular Simulation” button during the on-line submission procedure.


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