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Symposium Chair

Lance CriscuoloLance Criscuolo
Zyvex Technologies

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Ian FullerThe Dawning of the Age of Graphene
Ian Fuller
Vice President for Business Development and Engineering, Angstron Materials

Anirudha SumantSuperlubricity at macroscale using graphene/nanodiamond ensembles
Anirudha Sumant
Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 23


Tuesday May 24

10:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials - Corning, Lockheed Martin
1:30Carbon Nano Structures: Electronics Applications
Graphene: Posters 4:00

Wednesday May 25

Carbon Nano Structures & Devices: Posters 3:30

Symposium Program

Monday May 23

1:30GrapheneNational Harbor 2
Session chair: Lance Criscuolo, Zyvex Technologies (bio)
1:30The Dawning of the Age of Graphene (invited presentation)
I. Fuller, Angstron Materials, US
1:55Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots Towards Sensing and Biomedical Applications
A. Ananthanarayanan, P. Chen, Nanyang Technological University, SG
2:15Graphenea: graphene synthesis and opportunities in Post Li-ion batteries
J. de la Fuente, Graphenea Inc., US
2:35Vertically Aligned Graphene sheets Based Coatings as Nano-micro-structured Electrodes for Enhanced Performance of Supercapacitors
G.G. Jang, J.K. Keum, B. Song, L. Li, D.K. Hensley, Y. Jiang, A. Hunt, K-S Moon, C.P. Wong, M.Z. Hu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US

Tuesday May 24

10:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials - Corning, Lockheed MartinNational Harbor 4
Session chair: L. Foster, BPT, US
10:30Corning: Innovation Spotlight
K. Soni, Corning, US
10:45Lockheed Martin: Innovation Spotlight
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
11:00Multi-functional Coal-Derived Graphene Films
G. Botte, Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research - Ohio University, US
11:07Graphene Quantum Dots Based on Coal Sources
M. Shtein, Dotznano, IL
11:14Graphene and 2D materials production and applications
S. Notley, FlexeGRAPH (ANU), AU
11:21Ultra-fast graphene growth by CVD
C. Archambault, Univalor, CA
11:28eLOCOS metallization technology for advanced 3D microsystems
11:35Iron Boron Nitride Nanoceramic For Electronic Components
K. Oganisian, Nanoceramics Inc., PL
11:42Transparent Metal Films for Smartphone, Tablet and TV Displays
R. Engel-Herbert, Penn State Materials Research Institute, US
11:49Corning, Lockheed Martin : Q&A
1:30Carbon Nano Structures: Electronics ApplicationsNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Lance Criscuolo, Zyvex Technologies (bio)
1:30Strong, controllable, robust, and scalable graphene n-doping for optoelectronic and micro/nano-electronic applications
J. Folkson, A. Ashraf, M.D. Eisaman, Stony Brook University(SBU)/Brookhaven National Lab(BNL), US
2:10Integration of graphene into nanoelectronic devices: insights from atomistic simulations
M. Garcia, E. Artacho, Simune Atomistics S.L., ES
2:30Characterization of electrical property and band-structure in carbon nanotube/GaN hetero-interface
T. Yokogawa, S. Miyake, A. Yamashita, Yamaguchi University, JP
2:50Carbon Nanotubes on Graphene – Interfacial and Electrical Properties
R. Senegor, A. Adesida, C. Zhou, A.A. Vyas, P. Wang, C.Y. Yang, Santa Clara University, US
3:10Carbon Nanotube Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
L. Yu, D. Tune, J. Shapter, Flinders University, AU
Graphene: Posters 4:00Expo Hall D & E
Graphene Oxide/Vinyl Ester Resin Nanocomposite: Effect of Graphene Oxide, Thermal Stability, and Modeling of the Curing Kinetics
V. Arabli, A. Aghili, National Iranian Oil Company, IR
CVD growth of graphene and it electronic properties
G. Yu, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide and Their Water Purification Properties
B. Baruah, G. Kohler, S. Baruah, Kennesaw State University, US
Enhancement in hydrogen storage capacity with carboxylic acid group modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes
A. Sharma, S.P. Nehra, C. Lal, I.P. Jain, University of Rajasthan, IN
Multi-functional Coal-Derived Graphene Films
G.G. Botte, Ohio University, US
Design and Simulation on Nanoelectromechanical bi-layer Graphene Nanoribbon Device with Graphene Nanoflake Shuttle
O.K. Kwon, J.W. Kang, J.H. Lee, Semyung University, KR

Wednesday May 25

Carbon Nano Structures & Devices: Posters 3:30Potomac Registration Hall
Development of “thermoelectric power generating paper” using carbon-nanotube-composite paper
K. Kawata, T. Oya, Graduate School of Engineering, Yokohama National University, JP
The selectivity features of a biological functionalized carbon nanotubes complex towards blood
P. Cortes, D. Fagan, A. Olszewki, M. Radetic, G. Abdallah, Youngstown State University, US
Inkjet printing of aqueous CNT composited with silver nanoparticles for paper devices
H. Cheong, Sogang University, KR
Enhanced conductivity of ZnO nanorods/rGO composites for photo induced current collection in optoelectronic devices
M. Jeyavelan, A. Ramesh, T. Sonia, K. Rugunandhiri, M. Sterlin Leo Hudson, Central University of Tamil Nadu, IN

Graphene materials provide exceptional thermal, electrical, optical, barrier and mechanical properties. This special symposium will bring industry and academic leaders together as we go beyond the fundamental research to explore innovations in synthesis and production and to understand the business and regulatory issues affecting the commercialization of graphene. These factors will impact the remarkable potential for this material in many applications including electronic and energy devices, composites, thermal management and coatings.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Innovations in synthesis & production
  • Composite materials
  • Energy storage applications
  • Electronics applications
  • Thermal management and coatings
  • Novel graphene applications
  • Business & regulatory issues affecting commercialization
  • Other

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