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Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications

Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications

Symposium Co-Chairs

Sotiris E. PratsinisHighly selective, flame-made nanostructured sensors for breath analysis
Sotiris E. Pratsinis
Professor of Process Engineering & Materials Science, ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

Larry MannLarry Mann
VP of Marketing
Shoei Electronic Materials

Confirmed Invited Speakers

T. J. (Lakis) MountziarisSynthesis, Functionalization and Biological Sensing Applications of ZnSe Nanocrystals
T. J. (Lakis) Mountziaris
Professor, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst; Program Dir. Process Systems, Reaction Engineering, and Molecular Thermodynamics, National Science Foundation

Rajesh N. DavéPreserving high surface area of drug nanoparticles in nanocomposite particulates and oral stripfilms
Rajesh N. Davé
Distinguished Professor of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering Site Director, NSF-ERC on Structured Organic Particulate Systems, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Pete TrefonasDouble Heterojunction Nanorods: From Light-Emitting Diodes to Advanced Display Concepts
Pete Trefonas
Dow Corporate Fellow, Electronic Materials, Dow Chemical Company

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 23

10:30Nanoparticle Processing & Biomedical Applications
1:30Synthesis of Nanoparticles with Interesting Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Properties

Tuesday May 24

10:30Engineering Nanoparticles to Optimize Application Specific Performance
1:30Nanoparticle Characterization I
Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters 4:00

Wednesday May 25

8:30Characterization: Solution Providers
1:30Advanced Manufacturing II
Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters 3:30
Nanoparticle Release During the Life Cycle of Consumer Products & Nanocomposites: Posters 3:30
Environmental Health & Safety of Nanomaterials: Posters 3:30

Symposium Program

Monday May 23

10:30Nanoparticle Processing & Biomedical ApplicationsNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Sotiris E. Pratsinis, ETH. Zurich, CH, T.J. (Lakis) Mountziaris, NSF (bio)
10:30Synthesis, Functionalization and Biological Sensing Applications of ZnSe Nanocrystals (invited presentation)
T.J. Mountziaris, University of Massachusetts, Amhearst, US (bio)
10:55Preserving high surface area of drug nanoparticles in nanocomposite particulates and oral stripfilms (invited presentation)
R.N. Dave, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
11:20Highly selective, flame-made nanostructured sensors for breath analysis (invited presentation)
S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich, CH (bio)
11:45Optimization of synthesis conditions to prepare desired shell thickness of superparamagnetic MgFe2O4@SiO2 core-shell nanosphere for biomedical applications
H. Das, N. Debnath, T. Arai, N. Sakamoto, K. Shinozaki, H. Suzuki, N. Wakiya, Shizuoka University, JP
12:05Characterization of Crosslinked Polymer Nanoparticles by Size-Exclusion Chromatography Coupled to Differential Viscometery
T.H. Kalantar, D.M. Meunier, J.W. Lyons, J.J. Kiefer, Q.J. Niu, Y. Li, K.J. Bouck, C.J. Tucker, P.S. Russo, R. Cueto, Dow Chemical Company, US
1:30Synthesis of Nanoparticles with Interesting Optical/Electronic/Magnetic PropertiesNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Larry A. Mann, Shoei Electronic Materials, Inc. (bio)
1:30Double Heterojunction Nanorods: From Light-Emitting Diodes to Advanced Display Concepts (invited presentation)
P. Trefonas III, B.H. Kim, V. Kumar, S. Nam, M.S. Naughton, N. Oh, Y. Zhai, P.J.A. Kenis, J.A. Rogers, M. Shim, K. Deshpande, T. Ewers, K. Howard, J. Park, J. Zhang, Dow Chemical Company, US
1:55Elongated quantum rods: polarized emission for novel display applications
J. Niehaus, T. Jochum, H. Weller, CAN GmbH, DE
2:15PbTe particles: bright and stable IR emitters up to 3 µm
J. Niehaus, K. Poulsen, H. Weller, CAN GmbH, DE
2:35Controlling the Active Center of Gold Nanoreactors by Mediating the Metal-Polymer Interaction
V. Shah, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA

Tuesday May 24

10:30Engineering Nanoparticles to Optimize Application Specific PerformancePotomac 4
Session chair: Larry A. Mann, Shoei Electronic Materials, Inc. (bio)
10:30Controlled Growth of a Hierarchical Nanostructure of Nickel Carbide
L. Qiao, M.T. Swihart, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
10:50Aluminum Nanocomposite Materials for Propellant Applications
S.W. Chung, S.W. Buckner, P.A. Jelliss, G.J. Place, J.M. Laktas, nanoMetallix, US
11:10Atmospheric Pressure Spatial ALD onto Powders with Conventional Powder Handling Equipment
J.A. Spencer II, R.A. Hall, K. Trujillo-Sullivan, M.D. Groner, ALD NanoSolutions, Inc., US
11:30Emerging Trends Based on Calix Protected Metal Nanoparticles
V.K. Jain, Gujarat University, IN
1:30Nanoparticle Characterization INational Harbor 13
Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR (bio)
1:30Coping with the EU nano-definition: abilities and limitations of particle sizing with SAXS (invited presentation)
B.R. Pauw, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), DE
1:55Synchrotron X-ray scattering: the reference for high-resolution nanoparticle characterization (invited presentation)
E. Capria, M. Sztucki, N. Theyencher, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, FR
2:45Identifying the Effects of Size and Shape on the Physicochemical Properties of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles
C.M. Sims, A.F. Myers, J.M. Gorham, I. Levin, T.J. Cho, V.A. Hackley, B.C. Nelson, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:05Optical films and fluidic slits with one nanometer structure and function
K-T Liao, J. Schumacher, H.J. Lezec, S.M. Stavis, NIST, US
3:25In-situ Characterization of Nanopowders during compaction using SANS and AC impedance spectroscopy
T.J. Rudzik, R.A. Gerhardt, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
3:45Rapid High Resolution Multi-Parameter Characterization of Liposome-Protein Complexes by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
R. Ragheb, E. Esposito, D. Griffiths, Malvern Instruments, US
Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters 4:00Expo Hall D & E
Photoluminescence of Ag2Se Quantum Dots
Y. Zhang, W.W. Yu, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, US
Preparation of In2O3−SnO2 nanocomposite and In2O3 nanoparticle thin films and their semiconducting properties in air and nitrogen
L. Wang, X. Xu, University of Science and Technology Beijing, CN
One-pot synthesis of Resorcinarene anchored Antibacterial Silver Nanoparticles for Selective and Sensitive determination of Chromium (III)
U.S. Panchal, V.K. Jain, Gujarat University, IN
Nanofluid Thermal Conductivity and Performance of its Pulsating Heat Pipe
W. Qu, Z. Xue, J. Yu, China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, CN
Acne Treatment based on Selective Photothermolysis of Sebaceous Follicles with Topically Delivered Gold Plasmonic Particles
D. Paithankar, T. Meyer, R. Blomgren, L. Faupel, A. Lando, R. Anderson, Sebacia, Inc., US
Functionalized nano zinc oxide obtained by a novel physicochemical process and their applications
M. Aguilera-Bustos, G. Acosta-Gonzalez, L. Acosta-Armenta, J. Gutierrez-Antonio, Nanomat, MX
Synergistic response of ionic liquid ([bmim][BF4]) entrapped in BHDC reverse micelles for gold nanoparticles synthesis. Size and morphology control
D. Blach, F. Martinez, Universidad Industrial de Santander, CO
Controlled Synthesis of Near IR Emitting Metal Chalcogenide Quantum Dots for the Opto-electronic Applications
I. Hocaoglu, L. Eral Dogan, P. Dagtepe, Kuantag Nanotechnologies Development and Production Inc., TR
Biosynthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Osmundaria Obtusiloba Extract and their Potential Use in Optical Sensing Applications
L. Adorno, A. Rojas-Pérez, MdM. Cordero, A. Ruiz, Z. Mercado, A. Rodríguez, L. Betancourt, C. Vélez, I. Feliciano, C. Cabrera, L. Díaz-Vázquez, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, PR

Wednesday May 25

8:30Characterization: Solution ProvidersPotomac 5
Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR (bio)
8:30Getting the inside view of nanomaterials with a SAXS/WAXS instrument (invited presentation)
F. Bossan, P. Panine, S. Rodrigues, Xenocs, FR
8:55High-Temperature First-Order-Reversal-Curve (FORC) Study of Magnetic Nanoparticle Materials
B. Dodrill, P. Ohodnicki, Lake Shore Cryotronics, US
9:15Counting and Sizing Nanoparticles using Single Particle ICP-MS
C. Stephan, S. Smith, PerkinElmer, CA
9:35Helping nano-entities discover their nano-identity
A. Castro, M. Leeman, J.R. Runyon, L. Nilsson, M. Ulmius Storm, SOLVE Research and Consultancy AB, SE
1:30Advanced Manufacturing IINational Harbor 4
Session chair: Lisa Friedersdorf, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
1:30A plasma electrochemistry reactor enabling the rapid and continuous-flow synthesis of gold and platinum group metal (PGM) nanoparticles
M.A. Fortin, M. Bouchard, A. Turgeon, Université Laval, CA
1:50Automated Continuous Flow Reactor for the Mass Production of Photoluminescent Nanoparticles
E. Simsek, O.V. Akgun, E. Heves, L. Dogan, I. Hocaoglu, P. Dagtepe, N. Sezen, H.T. Ruzgar, Kuantag Nanoteknolojiler Gelistirme ve Uretim A. S., TR
2:10New Powder Synthesis Technology: Cubic Nano Alumina
S. Fukuhara, M. Tahara, N. Miwa, K. Ashitaka, K. Tamai, H. Morinaga, S. Ogitani, Fujimi Incorporated, JP
2:30Two-step approach for the nanofabrication of highly ordered ultra-long porous gold nanowires with an adjustable porosity for SERS-based sensors
A. Chauvin, C. Delacôte, L. Molina-Luna, M. Boujtita, D. Thiry, K. Du, J. Ding, C.-H. Choi, B. Humbert, J.-Y. Mevellec, P.-Y. Tessier, A.-A. El Mel, Institut des matériaux Jean Rouxel, FR
2:50Nanocrystals growing under irradiation of electron beam
W-Q Huang, S-R Liu, Z-M Huang, T-G Dong, G. Wang, C-J Qin, Guizhou University, CN
Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters 3:30Potomac Registration Hall
Ferroelectricity in BaTiO3 nanocrystals: towards future applications
X. Wang, Tsinghua University, CN
Peptide Functionalized Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Inhibit Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) In Vitro
D.R. Baganizi, S. Bawage, A. Singh, P. Tiwari, V.A. Dennis, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
Synthesis and characterization of magneto-fluorescent nanoparticles with excited-state intramolecular proton transfer
E.M.N. Oliveira, F.L. Coelho, L.F. Campo, M.L. Zanini, R.M. Papaléo, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Caribbean macro-alga Osmundaria obtusiloba as potential reducer for biosynthesis of metal nanoparticles
M. Cordero-Landrón, L. Adorno-Rivera, A. Ruiz-Mojica, M. Fuentes-Caraballo, E. Fraile, L.M. Díaz-Vázquez, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, PR
Development of Lipid Coated Lanthanide Nanoparticle Reagents for High Sensitivity Mass Cytometry
L. Tong, J. Pichaandi, A. Bouzekri, O. Ornatsky, V. Baranov, M.A. Winnik, University of Toronto, CA
Novel Materials for the Desensitizing and Remineralizing Dentifrices
G. Sereda, K. Rashwan, B. Karels, A. Fritza, University of South Dakota, US
Nanoparticle Release During the Life Cycle of Consumer Products & Nanocomposites: Posters 3:30Potomac Registration Hall
Engineered Nanoparticles Emitted From Laser Printers: Environmental Health Implications
S.V. Pirela, D. Bello, V. Castranova, Y. Qian, P. Demokritou, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University, US
Measurements of release of silver ions from silver nanoparticles in biologically and environmentally relevant conditions
R.I. MacCuspie, N. Patel, K. Marchionda, Natural Immunogenics Corp, US
Environmental Health & Safety of Nanomaterials: Posters 3:30Potomac Registration Hall
Transformation kinetics of metallic nanoparticles in environmental and cell culture exposure media as measured by SP-ICP-MS
C. Stephan, J. Leads, R. Merrifield, PerkinElmer, CA
A Quantitative Assay for Carbon Nanotube Contaminants
Y. Xu, Z. Zhou, J. Miller, D. Patel, Luna Innovations Inc., US
Dyes Adsorption on Cu3(BTC)2 Metal-­Organic Framework
S. Loera­Serna, J. Garcia-Ortiz, E. Ortiz, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, MX
The effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on Adipose Derived Stromal Cells functions
Y. Xu, M. Rafailovich, T. Mironava, Stony Brook University, US
Effect of nanoparticle exposure on cells as a function of cell donor age
F. Yang, M.H. Rafailovich, T. Mironava, Stony Brook University, US
Effect of low doses of TiO2 nanoparticles on HeLa cells
Y. Xu, M-T Wei, H.D. Ou-Yang, H.Z. Wang, C. Gordon, P. Brink, M. Rafailovich, T. Mironava, Stony Brook University, US
Recycled PET Nanofibers Produced by Electrospinning Technique
S.S. Gomes, A.M. Oliveira, A. Maia, M.H.A. Zanin, Institute for Technological Research, Group for BioNanoManufacturing, BR
Understanding the uptake and phytoremediation of gold nanoparticles in the environment
E. Schott, C. Pondell, A. van Doorn, V. Connaughton, M.R. Hartings, American University, US
Carbon Nanotubes in reinforced composites: A life cyce perspective
D. Bello, P. Boonruksa, J. Zhang, J. Isaacs, P. Demokiritou, J. Mead, UMass Lowell, US

This symposium focuses on recent advancements in both dry and wet synthesis of nanoparticles, and particularly on the integration and application of innovative nanomaterials. Emphasis will be placed on the degree of hard and soft agglomeration and its control, as well as on nanoparticles with designed morphology and layered composition focusing on unique applications.

Recent breakthroughs on aerosol, combustion and reaction engineering sciences have placed dry synthesis of nanoparticles on a firm scientific basis, leading to novel functional materials in appreciable volumes at competitive prices. This has created renewed interest in dry processes and products.

Submissions are also welcome in all areas of wet synthesis including developments and applications of sol/gel and emulsion based processes and templating using soft nanostructured materials such as block copolymers or surfactants.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Dry Synthesis - gas phase, aerosols, reactors
  • Wet Synthesis - sol-gel, emulsions
  • Nanoparticle characterization
  • Particle stability
  • Quantum dots: synthesis, characterization & applications
  • Biomedical applications
  • Electrical, magnetic, optical applications
  • Nanoparticles in medical diagnostics & imaging
  • Polymer nanocomposites
  • Novel applications
  • Other

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