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Sensors, Diagnostics & Imaging

Sensors, Diagnostics & Imaging

Symposium Chair

Srinivas IyerSrinivas Iyer
Group Leader, Bioscience Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Andrew DeHennisA Fully Implantable, NFC based Microfluorimeter for a Wireless Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
Andrew DeHennis
Director of Engineering, Research and Development, Senseonics, Incorporated

Lori A HendersonNational Institutes of Health: Discover Nanotechnologies that Probe the Biology of Cells and Diseases
Lori A Henderson
Program Director, Cancer Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute

Brian JamiesonMicrosensors for Continuous In Vivo Monitoring in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Applications
Brian Jamieson
President, Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems (SBM)

Reza GhodssiBiofilm Detection, Monitoring and Inhibition using Micro-Nano-Biodevices and Systems
Reza Ghodssi
Director, Institute for Systems Research, Herbert Rabin Distinguished Chair in Engineering, University of Maryland

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 23

1:30Innovation Spotlights: Electronics/Sensors - Panasonic, LG

Tuesday May 24

3:30Innovation Spotlights: Medical Devices - Medtronic and MedForeSight

Wednesday May 25

8:30Photonic Sensors
10:30Biological Detection I
1:30Biomedical Sensors
Sensors, Diagnostics & Imaging: Posters 3:30

Symposium Program

Monday May 23

1:30Innovation Spotlights: Electronics/Sensors - Panasonic, LGNational Harbor 5
Session chair: M. Guitton, Univalor, CA
1:30Panasonic: Innovation Spotlight
I. Nydick, Panasonic, US
1:45LG Innovation Spotlight
K. Patel, Technology Center of America (LGTCA), US
2:00A low-altitude UAS-based autonomous radiological search and identification system
E. Becker, Oregon State University, US
2:07Printed Organic Sensors, using polymer inks with piezoelectric, pyroelectric or electrostrictive properties, on Large Area Flexible Surfaces (320mm x 380mm )
H. Metras, CEA Tech, FR
2:14Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles (SRLV)
J. Quinn, Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies, US
2:21Bacterial detection in real time
X. Simon, Fluid-Screen, Inc, US
2:28Energy Harvesting Technology
M. Levy, EnerBee SAS, FR
2:35Vision-Based Multimodal Tactile Sensor Module (VMTSM)
S. Lee, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KR
2:42Highly Accurate Occupancy Estimation Using Only Wi-Fi Power Measurements
M. Shaw, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
2:49A Vehicle 2 Vehicle Communication system for Smart Transpotations
L. Loerchner, University of Waterloo - WatCo, CA
2:56Panasonics, LG : Q&A

Tuesday May 24

3:30Innovation Spotlights: Medical Devices - Medtronic and MedForeSightNational Harbor 4
Session chair: S. Kubisen, The George Washington University, US
3:30Medtronic: Innovation Spotlight
B. Dolan, Medtronic, US
3:45MedForeSight: Innovation Spotlight
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, US
4:00US Army: Innovation Spotlight
T. Bennett, US Army Medical Materiel, US
4:15One Step Synthesis of Coatings for Titanium Implants
D. Nisbet, The Australian National University, AU
4:22A Point-of-care Rapid Diagnsotic test for Bacterial SInusitis
J. Skraba, Entvantage Diagnostics, Inc, US
4:29Flexible microneedle skin patch integrated with Triboelectric volume sensor and energy harvester
W.H. Phua, National University of Singapore, SG
4:36A Prototype Design of Medical Oxygen Concentrator Using a Novel Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption Process
R. Vemula, Lehigh University, US
4:43iCertainty™ Platform Technology
T.B. Ferguson, RFPi, LLC, US
4:50Smart X-ray Sources
M. Eaton, Stellarray, US
4:57Human-derived hemoglobin oxygen carrier
P. Fontes, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, US
5:04Targeted Rapamycin Micelle (TRaM) as a Therapeutic in Solid Organ Transplant
C. Dixon Thiesing, ToleRaM Nanotech, US
5:11Medtronic, MedForeSight, US Army: Q&A

Wednesday May 25

8:30Photonic SensorsChesapeake 1-2
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, GE. Global Research (bio)
8:30Optical Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometry (invited presentation)
A. Wang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
8:55On-chip and Label-free Glucose Sensing Using Mid-Infrared Waveguides
P.T. Lin, Texas A&M University, US
9:15Integrated photonic devices for ultrahigh-speed, space-division multiplexing optical coherence tomography
Y. Huang, W. Sun, L. Yan, A. Nitkowski, A. Weinroth, N. Tansu, C. Zhou, Lehigh Universisty, US
9:35Optofluidic Temperature and Pressure Measurements with Fiber Bragg Gratings Embedded in Microfluidic Devices
G.A. Cooksey, J.D. Wright, Z. Ahmed, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
10:30Biological Detection IPotomac 2
Session chair: Andrew Dehennis, Senseonics Incorporated
10:30National Institutes of Health: Discover Nanotechnologies that Probe the Biology of Cells and Diseases (invited presentation)
L. Henderson, National Cancer Institute, US
10:55Biofilm Detection, Monitoring and Inhibition using Micro-Nano-Biodevices and Systems" (invited presentation)
R. Ghodssi, University of Maryland, US
11:20Facile synthesis of graphene and its application in the preparation of L-Asparginase based sensor obtained from Bacillus cereus strain for the detection of leukemia
M. Talat, R. Kumar Pandey, J.V. Medicherla, O. Nath Srivastava, Banaras Hindu University, IN
11:40High efficiency capture of multiple bacterial species by microfluidic dielectrophoresis filter
S. Simon, M. Weber, Fluid-Screen, Inc., US
12:00Nanobiomimetic Memristor/Memcapacitor Devices Used for Direct and Reagent-less Detection of Sub pM Acetyl Coenzyme A in Milks
S-H. Duh, J. Thornton, P.T. Kissinger, E.T. Chen, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors Inc., US
12:20The Detection of PETN Using a Bulk Single Wall Carbon Nanotube/Peptide System
G. Kubas, W. Rees, J. Caguiat, D. Asch, D. Fagan, P. Cortes, Youngstown State University, US
1:30Biomedical SensorsPotomac 2
Session chair: Reza Ghodssi, University of Maryland, US (bio)
1:30A Fully Implantable, NFC based Microfluorimeter for a Wireless Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (invited presentation)
A. Dehennis, Senseonics Inc., US
1:55Microsensors for Continuous In Vivo Monitoring in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Applications (invited presentation)
B. Jamieson, Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems, LLC, US
2:20Nanobiomimetic Memristor/memcapacitors’ Function as a Voltage Sensor for Direct and Reagent-free Detection of sub pg Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in Milks for Children
S-H. Duh, J. Thornton, P.T. Kissinger, E.T. Chen, advanced biomimetic sensnors, inc, US
2:40Analytical sensing platforms with inkjet printed electrodes
A. Lesch, M. Jović, F. Gumy, H.H. Girault, EPFL Valais Wallis, CH
3:00Research on human-computer interaction technology based on electrical detection technology
H-P. Han, K. Tang, X-Q. Lang, X. Chen, Beijing Institute Technology, CN
Sensors, Diagnostics & Imaging: Posters 3:30Potomac Registration Hall
A NANOenhanced SPRi Assay for Multiple Organ Injury Detection
S. Li, Z. Zhou, D. Patel, S. Hinman, Q. Cheng, Luna Innovations Inc, US
A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness and Limitations of Three Different Substrates for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
J. Kim, S. Lee, H-K Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
Millimeter Wave Therapy
B. Eckert, H. Truong, M. Izadjoo, ChiScan and Trideum Biosciences, US
Predicting the Response of an All-Elastomer In-Plane MEMS Tactile Sensor
K.M. Kalayeh, A. Charalambides, S. Bergbreiter, P.G. Charalambides, UMBC, US
Effect of silver coated carbon nanotubes on metabolically essential gene expression and outer membrane protein profile of Escherichia coli
A.A. Chaudhari, S.R. Singh, S. Pillai, Alabama State University, US
Coating influence on locomotory behavior of zebrafish larvae treated with SPIONs
G.M.T. de Oliveira, L.W. Kist, T.C.B. Pereira, E.M.N. de Oliveira, C.E. Leite, R.M. Papaléo, M.R. Bogo, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, BR
The OsteoAccess System – Low-Force, Controlled Angled Bone Access for Bone Biopsy and Bone Marrow Aspiration
M.L. Mulvihill, E.D. Ashuckian, J.K. Greaser, H. Hartung, K.M. Erdley, R.B. Bagwell, Actuated Medical Inc, US
Synergistic Antimicrobial Effects of Silver/Transition-metal Nanoparticle Combinatorial Treatments
J.R. Morones Ramirez, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, MX
A self-powered glucose monitor
T. Kulkarni, N. Mburu, and G. Slaughter, University of Maryland Baltimore County, US
Developing a Controller for Managing Delivery of Water and Chemicals for Small and Mid-Size Farms
E.N. Raney, J.S. Boles, F. Guy, F.R. Lamm, Raney Electronics LLC, US

This symposium will feature innovative applications-focused research and development in the following focus areas:

Biomedical Sensors and Devices
Submissions are invited on the development of biosensors and assays for clinical and health applications. These may include point of care diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip integration, and miniaturized devices for clinical/health applications.

Chemical and Physical Sensors
This section of the symposium will focus on sensors monitoring chemical functionality and physical properties such as temperature, strain, pressure, etc.  These sensors have a wide variety of applications including in the oil and gas industry for detection of low concentrations of chemical species and the defense industry for detection of threat agents.  Submissions are welcome on novel sensing devices, miniaturization/lab on a chip, harsh environment applications, and novel analytical schemes 

Environmental Applications
There is an increasing demand for sensors to assess and monitor environmental parameters that affect human health including pollutants and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Developments in sensor technology are critical for measuring air and water quality and for assessment during remediation efforts. Papers describing novel approaches for sensing in a variety of environmental formats are invited.

Biomedical Applications of Nanoparticles
With significant research on the synthesis, functionalization, and characterization of nanoparticles over the past decade, there is now increased focus on the application of nanoparticles.  On the biomedical side, a wide variety of nanoparticles including magnetic and metal nanoparticles are increasingly used for medical diagnostics, targeted drug-delivery, therapeutics, and imaging.  Submissions are invited in this comprehensive topic and may also address novel diagnostic tools, cancer therapy, and design.

There will be a dedicated session on nanoparticle-based imaging methods for diagnosis of disease.  Non-invasive imaging technologies typically involve the administration of contrast or signal enhancement agents that facilitate the visualization of organs, cells, tissues or the state of a particular disease. Nanotechnology, particularly the development of nanoparticle-based agents, has had a tremendous impact in the design of targeted and specific nanoagents with the potential of homing on a particular area and interrogating for normal or disease processes. Submissions are invited on technologies for the visualization at the molecular or cellular level using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), optical/fluorescent imaging, X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT), ultrasound and positron emission tomography (PET), among others.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Imaging technology including nanoparticle-based imaging
  • Biomedical applications of nanoparticles
  • Chemical and Physical Sensors
  • Novel approaches for diagnostics and assays
  • Defense applications
  • Oil & gas applications
  • Sensor miniaturization
  • Environmental applications
  • Novel approaches & instrumentation
  • Sensors: innovation & commercialization
  • Other

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