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Food & Agriculture: Materials & Innovations

Food Materials & Innovations

Symposium Chair

Marjorie KiechelMarjorie Kiechel
Ingredion Incorporated

Food products are complex multicomponent and structured edible materials. The food industry adds value to raw materials creating products that satisfy customer desires for taste, texture, quality, convenience and safety. There is an ongoing revolution in the industry: innovations in characterization methods, in processing technologies, and in our understanding and control of polymer physics, colloids, soft matter, and nano-scale behavior, are revolutionizing food production creating innovative new products to satisfy consumer desires and societal needs. This applications-focused symposium will highlight innovations in food materials and production from industrial, academic and government laboratories around the world.


Topics & Application Areas

  • Innovative Food Ingredients
  • Microencapsulation Technologies for Flavors, Supplements & Nutraceuticals
  • Processing Innovation: Filtration, Emulsification
  • Characterization, Sensing & Imaging for Food Materials
  • Waste & Sustainability
  • Packaging Innovations
  • Environmental Health & Safety in Agriculture and Food Materials
  • Data Science for the Food Industry
  • Other
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