TechConnect Innovation Program

Micro abrasive-waterjet (uAWJ) technology

OMAX Corporation, WA, United States


Micro abrasive-waterjet (uAWJ) technology takes advantage of the versatility of AWJ for precision machining of most materials. The uAWJ technology has greatly broadened the application of AWJ from macro to micro machining. It has technological and manufacturing merits unmatchable by most existing machine tools.

Primary Application Area: Instrumentation & Manufacturing

Technology Development Status: Commercial Product

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 8


Value Proposition: Lack of awareness turns out as the major bottleneck for marketing waterjet technology. OMAX welcomes collaboration with business and academic partners and national laboratories to promote waterjet technology for precision machining of most materials for all scales. For example, MIT owns 10 OMAX's JetMachining Centers for education and R&D purposes.


Organization Type: Corporation

Showcase Booth #: 56T



Government Funding/Support to Date: The micro abrasive-waterjet (uAWJ) technology was developed under the support an NSF SBIR Phase I (#0944239)and II (#1058278)grants together with Phase IB and IIB supplements. The grants were issued by NSF's Industrial Innovation and Partnership (IIP) Division of the Directorate for Engineering of NSF. The total award amount is $826,530. The performance period is from 1/1/1010 through 11/30/2015. The Phase IIB, a 50% matching of the revenue for the sale of the MicroMAX resulting from the commercialization of the uAWJ technology, was awarded on 12/22/2014. The supplemental funding will be used to further broaden and improve the performance of the MicroMAX based on the market demand.

Primary Sources of Funding: Corporate Partner

Looking for: Development / License Partners