TechConnect Innovation Program

Method and cubesat-based system for classification of short-term earthquake precursors from space

Lviv Center of Institute for Space Research of National academy of sciences and State Space agency of Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine


At present state of space technology, low-cost multi-satellite mission to monitor the earthquake precursors from space with high reliability is possible to realize both from scientific and technological points of view. The experiment scenario and payload composition for cubesats is discussed and proposed.

Primary Application Area: Defense & Transportation

Technology Development Status: Proven Manufacturability

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 5


Value Proposition: To create a consortium which will support the creation of modern scientific payload and cubesat-format satellites, to carry our the experimental confirmation of the technology with the goal to organize regular worldwide monitoring of earthquake potential emergency.


Organization Type: Academic/Gov Lab

Showcase Booth #: 307



Government Funding/Support to Date: It is expected that both Governmental agencies and private companies have to be interested to develop the proposed technology because, first, of its vital importance for both US and world community to prevent high human and economic losses, and second, really high level of theoretical substantiation as well as practical results are available. Also the possibility to realize the technology investing rather moderate costs (about 3 mln USD) is rather clear, and the results may be applied in much more wide areas, both scientific and practical. The example of the last possibility is the ecological monitoring of the ionosphere in order do not allow the pollutions level to cross the dangerous limits. The expected duration from the beginning may be estimated within 2 years.

Primary Sources of Funding: Corporate Partner, Federal Grant

Looking for: Funding