TechConnect Innovation Program

Thin Film Solar Cells

Beet Inc., OR, United States


Beet Inc. is developing a new thin film solar cell technology to achieve 25% conversion efficiency. The proposed technology, based on an unrestricted supply of materials, enables simple polycrystalline thin-film solar cell manufacturing in a tandem geometry that is scalable for global deployment for on- and off-grid applications.

Primary Application Area: Energy & Efficiency

Technology Development Status: Prototype

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 3


Value Proposition: Beet provides PV module manufacturers a proprietary absorber material integrated into thin film solar cells. Beet cells achieve:
–high conversion efficiencies approaching 30%
–lower module cost than competing thin film technologies
–high volume manufacturing with sustainable materials
–manufacturing at existing facilities, minimizing capital investment.


Organization Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)

Showcase Booth #: 501



Government Funding/Support to Date: Beet’s innovation originates from targeted research on new absorber materials funded via the Center of Inverse Design, an Energy Frontier Research Center, DOE, Office of Basic Energy Science. Best-of-class materials, selected from hundreds of candidates, exhibit physical properties that outperform existing absorber materials on the market. The material’s family selected for PV integration by Beet Inc. can bring a disruptive high-efficiency solution to the market. The ongoing development is focused on moving the design-based materials to unconcentrated solar cells with efficiencies exceeding 30%.
2014: Oregon State University Venture Development Fund (6 mo.) supports early prototype development.

Primary Sources of Funding: Federal Grant, University

Looking for: Both Funding and Development Partners