Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing in Defense

L.E. Sloter
U.S. Department of Defense,
United States

Keywords: national defense


The status and ongoing role of nanotechnology, especially nanomaterials and manufacturing research and evolving applications are presented in the context of the Department of Defense’s national security mission. Materials and processes highlights associated with the Military Departments and Defense Agencies are provided with a special emphasis on the breadth of opportunities and potential enhanced or new defense capabilities and broader societal value provided by nanotechnology advances generally and engineered nanomaterials especially. The role of the DoD as a founding participant in the National Nanotechnology Initiative and the value of federal coordination and collaboration as well as broader forms of collaboration, including international, are discussed along with areas of increasing emphasis, such as nanomanufacturing and the incorporation of nanomaterials in complex materials systems for functional advantage. The importance of a wide spectrum of performers, including academia, small businesses, large businesses, and consortia is noted in conjunction with selected examples.