Novel Materials for the Desensitizing and Remineralizing Dentifrices

G. Sereda, K. Rashwan, B. Karels, A. Fritza
University of South Dakota,
United States

Keywords: nanoparticles, functionalization, dentistry, dentifrices, remineralization, desensitization


Modification of the titania surface with organic and inorganic groups can significantly improve the practical potential of this material as a component of toothpastes. Functionalization of titania and silica nanoparticles improves their adhesion to human dentin, which opens their future use for treating tooth hypersensitivity by occlusion of dentin tubules and carriers of remineralizing and other active components. Ca2+ - treated biopolymer alginate and microparticulate natural bentonite have shown promise as another class of bioactive dentifrice components.