How Membrane Technology Contributes to Sustainability and Life Sciences

A. Roy, S. Rosenberg, R. Cieslinski, I. Tomlinson, K. Majamaa, S. Jons, Y. Maeda, J. Johnson, M. Koreltz, M. Paul and M. Peery
Dow Energy and Water Solutions,
United States

Keywords: water technologies, desalination


With inception of FT30-interfacial polyamide chemistry by the late John Cadotte, there has been continued significant interest in the last few decades to improve both energy and separation efficiency for reverse osmosis operations from a membrane chemistry standpoint. However owing to the complex crosslinked nano scale morphological structure of polyamide, development of structure-property relationships has been a challenge. In the last few years, leveraging Dow’s strong analytical capabilities and blending with Dow Water& Process Solution expertise, it has been possible to achieve a true fundamental structure-property relationship of polyamide RO membrane leading to a breakthrough in membrane chemistry innovation. The breakthrough membrane chemistry resulted in lowering the energy requirements for brackish water RO operations by 35% and at the same time reduced salt passage by 40 % over industry standard product. The technology was recently named as Dow’s second breakthrough to a world challenge as per company’s 2015 sustainability goals. Extending the chemistry to residential space, a game changing “ 500 GPD residential RO Tankless” element have been developed which provides the highest flow and reduces the footprint for a residential system. The presentation will focus on the lab and field trial results for these new products highlighting reliability through stable long term performance, breakthrough low energy anti fouling properties, addressing multi solute rejection phenomena and improved recovery. The presentation will also provide insight to our next game changing membrane chemistry innovation and how it’s potential future impact in reducing the cost of water, addressing the energy topic and in providing high quality potable water across the globe.