Printed Thin Film Transistors with EMD Performance Materials High Performance Organic Semiconductors and Dielectrics

P. Brookes
EMD Performance Materials Corp.,
United States

Keywords: printed thin film transistor, organic electronics, roll-to-roll fabrication


In recent years the development of organic semiconductors, dielectrics and supporting materials, as well as printing technologies has progressed rapidly. EMD Performance Materials Corp novel organic electronic inks are printable from non-toxic and non-flammable solvent which enable mass production in roll-to-roll (R2R) process. They can be used to manufacture Logic Circuits and Backplane Arrays where performance equal to amorphous silicon is required. Recently, we have undertaken the development of a printed Thin Film Transistor (TFT) stack to demonstrate the full potential of our organic semiconductor and dielectric materials. We have explored a wide range of available printing parameters in order to find the optimum formulation concepts. This enabled high performing electronic devices together with the best printing uniformity and yield. We demonstrate a fully printable transistor stack that can be manufactured using high throughput R2R process. The developed process is simple, can be carried out in air and does not involve photolithography, high temperatures, plasma or any other forms of surface treatment. This is achieved by combining EMD Performance Materials Corp strengths in material and formulation expertise with understanding of printing, drying and curing techniques. The demonstration of a fully printable TFT stack using industrially scalable processes is a first step towards exploration of the seemingly limitless potential of Organic Electronics. The ultimate goal is electronic devices and circuits printed at high resolution with high registration accuracy.