Optical MEMS

Y. Ma
Dalhousie University,

Keywords: Optical MEMS


Since the wide deployment of dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical network in 90's, MEMS technology has been a critical player for many optical network functions such as wavelength switching, wavelength interleaver, multi-channel optical add-drop multiplexers and optical cross-connects with unmatched performance on chromatic dispersion, insertion loss, speed and reliability. Recently, data centers are starting to dominate network traffic and to attract major infrastructure investments with an ever expanding internet and wireless traffic requirement. Any commercially viable optical network solution will have to incorporate efficient coupling to fibers, polarization insensitivity, improved alignment/packaging tolerance, lower propagation loss, and support for wavelength multiplexing. In this presentation, an electrostatic driven MEMS building block for a wide range of DWDM applications will be introduced and potential hybrid opportunities to combine MEMS with large core silicon photonics will be discussed.