MEMS Sensors for Wearable Devices

M. Gemelli
Bosch Sensortec,
United States

Keywords: MEMS, sensors, wearable device


Over the last few years, the sensing capabilities of wearable devices have progressed significantly. Smarter, cheaper and more power efficient sensors are available today. Furthermore, measurement technologies that were once only used in applications with less stringent size and power requirements (e.g. automotive) are now available to broader markets, including wearable electronics. These new use cases require a level of efficiency and embedded processing that goes beyond the capabilities of the current application processors (APs) or microcontrollers (MCUs), both of which usually require extensive engineering resources and time for specific application optimization. To alleviate this problem, some of the emerging wearable device architectures now incorporate a dedicated sensor hub which is placed between the sensors' data streams and the core processing units (e.g. the AP and/or the MCU). The talk will discuss the evolution and emerging trends of sensor hubs for wearable applications, illustrating the tradeoffs between sensor performance and system partitioning to achieve a wearable device is power- and cost-efficient.