Electrochemical Growth of Individual Magnetic Nanowires

B. Ozturk
Morgan State University,
United States

Keywords: magnetism, nanowire, sensors, cobalt, nickel


High frequency electric fields were utilized in the growth of crystalline magnetic nanowires. Individual cobalt and nickel nanowires were grown from their salt solutions between a pair of electrodes. Magnetic properties of single cobalt and nickel nanowires were characterized with vibrating sample magnetometry. The magnetization values of a single nanowire was comparable to the bulk value. The crystalline structures of the nanowires were identified from electron diffraction patterns with a high resolution transmission electron microscope. Our growth method provides high spatial control on individual nanowires, enabling their facile transport to desired substrates for device applications. Diameters of the nanowires can be tuned simply by changing the growth frequency. These nanowires will be utilized in the fabrication of highly sensitive accelerometers and magnetic force microscopy cantilevers. At lower frequencies, the nanowires branch during growth and form tree-like structures. High surface area to volume ratio surfaces were fabricated by growing these tree-like structures on substrates, which will be used as electrodes in battery and catalysis applications.