A Solid Electrolyte for Li and Na Anodes

J.B. Goodenough, M.H. Braga
University of Texas at Austin,
United States

Keywords: energy storage, anodes, Li and NA, electrolyte


A glass-amorphous solid electrolyte obtained by M. Helena Braga1 by solvating water and a trace of Ba(OH)2 into the precursor for the antiperovskite A3ClO (A = Li or Na) is dried by the evolution of HCl and 2(OH)- = O2- + H2O in the interval 230-250°C. Ball milling in ethanol to form a paste allows easy doctor blading of the electrolyte over a large surface area, and on evaporation of the ethanol, the glass reforms without grain boundaries. Battery tests will be presented. 1)M. Helena Braga et al., J. Mater. Chem. A, 2, 5470-5480, (2014).