Transformation kinetics of metallic nanoparticles in environmental and cell culture exposure media as measured by SP-ICP-MS

C. Stephan, J. Leads, R. Merrifield

Keywords: screening, transformation, single particle ICP-MS, fate, characterization


The environmental fate and behavior and biological effects of manmade nanoparticles is currently the subject of great debate. Detection and characterization of these nanoparticles under relevant conditions and concentrations remains a significant challenge due to limitations in characterization techniques. Recent advances in spICP-MS has provided very short dwell times, decreasing the ionic background and increasing the particle detection limit potentially allowing measurement of pristine and transformed nanoparticles at low concentrations. Here we have exposed two NPs (60 nm Ag and Au) to a synthetic surface water and a cell culture media at a mass concentration of 0.3 ppb (150,000 NPs / ml). Changes in number and mass concentration, size distribution and other properties over 48 hours were measured and the results are reported.