Processing of pre-treated biomass for the commercial production on bio-ethanol and biochemicals

S. Parekh
Sweetwater Energy,
United States

Keywords: biomass, biofuel


Lignocellulose biomass is heterogeneous in nature having different ratios of xylans and cellulose sugars , The breakdown of biomass is a key first step in the conversion of cellulosic sugars ,and this process has the greatest challenge to the economically viability of recovering sugars and its application for fuels and biochemicals. This presentation will review Sweetwater Energy’s overall process of optimizing pretreatment conditions of various heterogeneous biomass feedstocks. Importance of optimizing and methods of pretreatment conditions will be reviewed. Intent is to generate homogeneous, uniformly exploded and cooked, consistent particle sized pretreated biomass. Deriving a uniformly sized pretreated feedstock enabled and improved enzyme saccharification yields . In addition, specific challenges in controlling inhibitors during pre-treament will be discussed . Finally the technology scale-up and accelerating the path to process commercialization of converting SWE sugars to ethanol, biochemical and advanced fuels, will be reviewed.