Bending the DoD Energy Consumption Curve With Big Data Analytics (Conserving Energy with 1’s and 0’s)

M. Weatherly
Frontier Technology, Inc. (FTI),
United States

Keywords: energy, big data analytics, energy conservation, DoD energy savings


In 2014 Frontier Technology, Inc. (FTI) utilized Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) funded technologies to develop a Decision Support and Optimization System Model for energy consumption for the United States Navy’s Fleet Forces Command (USFF). SBIR technologies provided innovative high-end data processing (ELAPS ™), predictive analytics (NormNet ™) and a metrics progress analysis engine (MPAE ™). This effort resulted in the Fleet Energy Conservation Dashboard (FECD) that is part of the Global Energy Information System (GENISYS) Program. FECD encompasses both a shore based data warehouse and analysis system and a ship based information system focused on energy security, consumption and efficiency. FECD was developed to support the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) goal to reduce ship consumption by 15% and non-tactical petroleum use in the commercial fleet by 50% by 2020 to improve Fleet readiness. This model utilizes multiple data stores from disparate systems and serves as a template for universal Department of Defense (DoD) systems and assets in achieving the DoD energy program’s three pillars 1) Expand Supply, 2) Reduce Demand and 3) Adapt Future Forces Technology.