Microhydrogel Depot for Sustained Delivery of Protein Drug

Y. Xu, Z. Zhou, B. Brooks, J. Miller
Luna Innovations Inc.,
United States

Keywords: microhydrogel, protein, drug delivery


The market for protein as the therapeutic agents has been developed significantly in the past many years and great efforts have been made for effective delivery of protein drugs through various ways of administrations for successful therapeutic effects. There are several advantages for protein drugs, such as highly selective and specific activity, low toxicity. Two major problems have been faced for the protein drug commercialization. One is how to effectively deliver proteins to the body on non-invasive ways, and the other is how to increase the biological half-life of these therapeutic agents-proteins. Many novel delivery systems have been developed to settle the problem, among these, intelligent microgels have been paid much attention because of the unique properties, such as enhanced the permeability of the skin, controllable soft structure for the drug loading and releases, highly biodegradable and biocompatible. We have developed an intramuscularly (i.m.) injectable microhydrogel formulation as a long-lasting physiological depot for controlled release of big protein. Butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) as the model protein is effectively used as a prophylactic bioscavenger product. The non-IV delivery (no need medical training) of protein to quickly achieve sustained concentrations in plasma for the immediate treatment. Protein with highest loading and favorable release kinetics can be tuned by microgel formulation designs. The microgel formulation can not only sustain the drug concentration for longer time but also have less fluctuation in order to lower the dosage. Our microgel delivery technology provides a novel protein carrier for efficient drug delivery and controllable sustained releases of big molecule protein drugs.