Fabrication of functional YBCO ceramics using thermal process

S.H. Lee
Sunmoon University,

Keywords: Sm, YBaCuO, thermal diffusion process, bulk


The Sm diffused YBaCuO superconducting bulks were prepared by the thermal diffusion process involving the peritectic reaction, to investigate the effect of the dopant on microstructure and superconductivity. All the diffused Sm could be successively separated from 123 phase by applying the thermal diffusion process. Electromagnetic properties of Sm diffused and untreated YBaCuO superconductor were evaluated to investigate the pinning effect. It was confirmed experimentally that a large amount of magnetic flux was trapped in the Sm diffused superconducting bulk than that in the untreated one, indicating that the pinning centers of magnetic flux are related closely to the occurrence mechanism of the magnetic effect.