Enhancing rubber spring durability by addiction of nanomaterial in assembled elastic gear

H.S. Mun, S.I. Seo
Korea Railroad Research Institute,

Keywords: rubber nanomaterial spring elastic gear


The aim of this research was to assess the material properties of elastic gears and to develop a design methodology for their implementation. Rubber has nonlinear material properties and it is not easy to predict its physical behavior. A simple approach for modeling a spur gear system using a dynamic mathematical model combined with experimental test results is described. The prediction of dynamic characteristics within an assembled gear system depends on the design variables; in this study, the design variables included the material properties of nonlinear materials and the suitable number of rubber springs for the elastic gear system. In the classical method, the stiffness of the gear, elastic gear teeth, and the number of teeth contact conditions are important in gear performance. In this paper, a new method is proposed to optimize the elastic gear system as well as to introduce better rubber spring by adding nanometerial.