Printing as a powerful tool for the deposition of functional material patterns

E. Sowade
Chemnitz University of Technology,


Printing technologies allow the deposition of liquids only at positions where they are needed. These technologies are well-known processes for printing texts and images on paper or plastic substrates, e.g. for newspapers, magazines and packaging applications. In recent years, printing technologies have been increasingly used as precise deposition technology for various functional materials in the field of chemistry, biology and electronics. The talk will discuss printing technologies and their use for the manufacturing of various smart objects. The focus is set on inkjet printing technology and the deposition of various functional, e.g. conductive patterns. The development of reliable processes for functional layers and devices based on inkjet printing is a necessity for the manufacturing of e.g. printed electronics and an important step towards industrial applications. The presentation will introduce successfully developed processes for the manufacturing of devices such as resistors, antennas, capacitors, diodes, batteries and thin-film transistors. Furthermore, strategies are shown to transfer the developed processes from laboratory scale to industrial scale. The focus is set on the inkjet printing of thin-film transistors and the relevance of post-treatment methods such as drying, curing and sintering for the process chain.