X-act Nanogels: A Robust Nanotechnology Platform for Drug Delivery

S. Thayumanavan
University of Massachusetts Amherst,
United States

Keywords: drug delivery, cancer therapy, nanoparticles, nanotechnology


Molecular designs that afford tunable supramolecular assemblies are of interest in a variety of applications, including drug delivery and sensing. We will describe a new class of polymeric nanoparticles called ‘X-act Nanogels’, which have the ideal combination of characteristics for drug delivery. For example, non-covalent encapsulation of guest molecules and their triggered release is of paramount importance in delivering drug molecules, where the drugs are protected from the environment and the environment is protected from it during circulation. However, it is critical that these drug molecules are released efficiently upon reaching the target tumor. The X-act nanogels not only satisfy these types of criteria, but also are versatile in that many of these factors are tunable.