NEEDS: Tools for Developing and Disseminating Compact Models

X. Wang, M. Lundstrom
Purdue University,
United States

Keywords: compact model, lint, verilog-A


NEEDS (Nano Engineered Electronic Device Simulation, has a mission to connect materials and device science to circuits and systems. A central focus of needs is the development of physics-based compact models for novel nanodevices. In support of its mission, NEEDS is developing tools for creating, testing and disseminating compact models. One of those tools is Berkeley’s MAPP, a MATLAB-based platform for developing, testing, and validating compact models. In this talk, we will focus on two other tools of broad interest to the community of compact model developers. VALint is a lint software to check the quality of Verilog-A code and identify bad practices, common mistakes, programming pitfalls, and inefficiencies. In addition, VALint also offers the ability to pretty print the Verilog-A code to a more readable format. All these features are integrated behind a simple user interface and can be accessed through the web on Verilog-A codes can be uploaded through a web browser and checked by VALint without local installation of any software. A standalone version is also available for downloading. The rules implemented in VALint are derived from recommended Verilog-A code guidelines. To facilitate the dissemination of compact models on the NEEDS website,, a self-publishing capability has been developed. To ensure the quality of compact models published on the NEEDS website, the VALint tool is being integrated into the publication. Our hope is that the tools being developed by NEEDS will accelerate the development and dissemination of compact models and ensure their quality as well.