A Hybrid Printing Platform for manufacturing metal mesh as transparent conductive films

Z. Cui
Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Keywords: printed electronics, nanoimprint, conductive ink, transparent conductor


A hybrid printing technique has been developed to manufacture high resolution metal mesh which serves as transparent conductive films to replace ITO for variety of applications. The hybrid printing is based on embedding silver nanoparticles inks into trenches which are patterned by high resolution nanoimprinting technology. Compared to normal printing, the new approach can produce much finer printed features with functional inks. Silver metal meshes with linewidth 88%). A roll to roll hybrid printing platform has been established, which can manufacture metal mesh transparent conductive films in large scale. The new technology has been successfully implemented in high volume manufacturing of touch sensors for touch screen displays, which offers higher conductivity, better flexibility as well as lower cost than ITO based touch panels.