MesoPlasma™ 3D Printing Technology: Additive Manufacturing of Integrated Sensors, Heaters, and Antennas

J. Brogan
MesoScribe Technologies, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: sensors, 3D printing


MesoPlasma printing is an enabling, additive manufacturing process whereby materials are printed onto conformal components in precise patterns to provide integrated sensing, heating and communication. The versatility of the process enables a wide range of materials to be deposited including metals, sensor alloys, precious metals, ceramic dielectrics and functional oxides. MesoPlasma printed electronics adds functionality, durability and improved performance to your products. MesoScribe Technologies specializes in manufacturing products used in harsh environments for the commercial, aerospace, and defense markets. Antennas, heaters and sensors can be printed directly onto parts or films, embedded within coatings, or integrated during composite fabrication. The technology has been successfully validate in gas turbine engines to provide measurements of component temperature and used in direct connect scramjet combustors to monitor heat flux transients. Sensors can be embedded within thermal barrier coatings and routed away from the harsh environment. A key driver for the technology is component health diagnostics and monitoring and can be used to increase the accuracy of prognostic models for failure prediction. This presentation will summarize the Company's MesoPlasma printing capabilities and products used in demanding environments. Opportunities to develop new innovative products are sought, as well as, strategic partnerships to commercialize the enabling technology.