Qixin Zhong

Professor, Food BioPolymers Group

University of Tennessee

Dr. Qixin Zhong is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville. After completing his Ph.D. at NC State in 2003 with double majors in Food Science and Chemical Engineering and an 18-month post-doctoral training in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University, he joined UT in 2005. Since then, he has been leading a research group focusing on Food Biophysics and Nanotechnology. Dr. Zhong's research interests in Food Biophysics and Nanotechnology integrate relevant areas in food science, physical chemis try, material sciences and engineering, and chemical engineering. The applied research is focused on novel materials and processes based on physically-inspired principles. The fundamental research is focused on elucidating the correlations between molecular interactions, nano-/micro-/macroscopic structures, and functionalities of food materials. Specific research areas of Dr. Zhong include: Delivery systems as novel food ingredients, Food nanoscience and nanotechnology, Interfacial engineering, Structure-function correlations of food materials, and Supercritical-fluids technologies. His interests in delivery systems are engineering strategies for enhanced dispersibility, stability, sensory, and/or bioavailability/bioactivity of major and minor food components and additives (micronutrients, nutraceuticals, antimicrobials, flavorants, colorants, etc.). His interests in nanotechnology are nanoscale food materials and applications of non-food nanomaterials as processing aids. His research work has resulted in over $2 million in grants, 36 publications, 57 conference presentations, 3 book chapters, and 2 provisional patents