Di-Jia Liu

Chemist and Principal Investigator, Catalysis and Energy Conversion

Argonne National Laboratory

Di-Jia Liu is Chemist and Principal Investigator in the Catalysis and Energy Conversion group of the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division. He studies hydrogen storage for transportation purposes; fuel cells; and batteries, including Li-Air batteries, which may be the next generation of lithium batteries.

Specific research activities include leading teams in synthesis and characterization of nanostructured polymeric materials for on-board hydrogen storage application; preparing aligned carbon nanotube based membrane electrode for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell application; low-cost electrode catalysts as alternative to platinum group metals for fuel cell; studying catalytic transition state via ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy; CO2 conversion and mitigation through green chemistry; next generation materials for Li-Air battery.

Liu joined Argonne in 2000 after working for several private technology companies, including Honeywell International, Inc. and AlliedSignal Research Companies.