Pat Spicer

Associate Professor

University of New South Wales, Australia

Pat Spicer received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1992. In 1997 he completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering with the Particle Technology Group at the University of Cincinnati where his research focused on design and synthesis of colloidal and nanoparticle materials. After defending his thesis he went to work for the Procter & Gamble Company, leading their Crystallization group in the Corporate Engineering Division and supporting the scale-up and manufacture of complex fluid products for all of P&G’s product areas.

Recognizing the importance of fluid microstructures to product and process quality, in 2006 Pat formed P&G’s Microfluidics and Structured Fluids group, responsible for development, characterization, scale-up, and modeling of microstructured fluids and processes. He lead a group of industrial and academic researchers focused on using microscale flow, rheology, and imaging techniques to develop fundamental and applied understanding of complex fluid processes.

After 15 years with P&G, Pat began work as an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia in 2014. His research focuses on the design and development of microstructured fluid materials and understanding of their kinetic behavior. His areas of focus in this field include the understanding of particle shape effects on performance, interactions of soft matter with biological systems, and scale-up of soft matter manufacturing processes when attributes other than composition control product quality.