Kenneth Kehrer

Director of Global Innovation

Armstrong World Industries

Ken has worked in R&D and Innovation for 30 years. Currently, he is the Director of Innovation for Armstrong World Industries, Building Products Division, where he leads a team of 32 scientists and engineers in developing new products and processes for today as well as breakthrough opportunities for the future.

Ken’s passion is the commercialization of new research, and innovative ideas, into viable products and processes. He has been particularly interested in connecting research developments to front end innovation through collaborative associations. In that role, Ken has successfully initiated and managed collaborative projects with Princeton University, University of Maine, Wageningen University, and Moscow State University. Ken also serves on two scientific advisory boards at University of Maine FBRI and NSERC Green Fibre Network, where he is helping to craft roadmaps and develop relationships with industry to guide fundamental research into next stage applications.

Previous to Armstrong, Ken worked at Allied Signal developing new mechanisms of biological sludge dewatering.

Ken holds 6 patents.