Felek Jachimowicz


FJ Consulting, LLC

Felek Jachimowicz is the founder of consulting firm FJ Consulting, LLC. Prior to forming FJ Consulting, in March 2015, he was the vice president of innovation for W. R. Grace and Company. He joined W. R. Grace in 1978 as a scientist at the Washington Research Center in Columbia, Maryland. In 1993 he became the director of research and development for Grace Performance Products and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. From 1998 to 2013 Jachimowicz worked as vice president of R&D for Grace Performance Chemicals. During this period he spent two years (2009−2011) in Beijing developing a Grace Beijing R&D laboratory.

Jachimowicz is the author of numerous scientific publications and an inventor or a coinventor on over 20 patents. He holds a PhD in physical organic chemistry from the University of Basel, Switzerland.