Niek van Wiechen

Director Global Research Huntsman Polyurethanes

Huntsman, Denmark

Niek van Wiechen (Netherlands, 1957) studied applied physics at Delft University of Technology. Niek joined Imperial Chemical Industries - ICI in Rotterdam in 1983 as a process technologist and followed a career path in technical management. In 1998 he was appointed to the role of PU Manufacturing Manager EAME for all upstream assets. In 2002 Niek was appointed to Global Director of Isocyanate Process Technology in Everberg (Brussels area) with the remit to develop improved and new low cost manufacturing technology. End 2006 Niek was appointed to Global Director Research with the remit to re-invigorate science based innovation and to build and lead a global research organization. He is married with 4 grown-up children and lives in Wezembeek-Oppem (Brussels area). As sports he likes to run, cycle, play field hockey and golf.