Thomas Andrukonis

Director, Export Management and Compliance Division

Bureau of Industry and Security’s (BIS’) Office of Enforcement Analysis

From 1990 through July, 2007, Mr. Andrukonis served as the Director of the Bureau of Industry and Security’s (BIS’) Office of Enforcement Analysis. As such, he was responsible for Export Enforcement’s preventive enforcement initiatives and programs. These programs are designed to prevent violations of the Export Administration Act (EAA) before they occur. In this role, Mr. Andrukonis managed BIS’ watch list and directed all enforcement analytical license review operations. Mr. Andrukonis created a new enforcement program in 1992 – the shipper’s export declaration review program – which enabled the review of all exports from the United States to ensure that strategic exports are made in compliance with established export control laws. Penalties assessed against violators detected from this program exceeded 1 million dollars. Mr. Andrukonis also oversaw BIS’s pre-license check and post-shipment verification programs. These programs provide a method to validate information contained on license applications prior to a final license decision as well as providing a method to verify that items licensed by BIS are being used by the appropriate end-user in conformance with all license conditions. Mr. Andrukonis has received numerous commendations, including the Commerce Department’s Silver Medal for his work on the Commerce-Customs Enforcement Memorandum of Understanding. In January, 1994, Mr. Andrukonis was awarded the Commerce Department’s Bronze Medal for outstanding productivity and quality improvements created within the Office of Enforcement Analysis. In July, 2007, Mr. Andrukonis was selected to direct the Office of Exporter Services’ Export Management and Compliance Division. This division is responsible for all issues related to confirming compliance with reporting requirements of BIS licenses, the proper use of license exceptions including the Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) for non-600 series items, conducting reviews of Automated Export System (AES) data and confirming compliance by exporters with Export Administration Regulation requirements, compliance assessments and analysis of all Validated End-User (VEU) Program applications, and providing guidance and training to parties in developing and maintaining effective export management and compliance programs (EMCPs).