Russ Weed

General Counsel

UniEnergy Technologies

Committed to the triple bottom-line, Russ leads UniEnergy Technologies (UET)’s business development and marketing globally. UET produces and delivers large- and medium-scale energy storage systems for island, micro-grid, commercial and industrial, and grid applications. Russ is general counsel for UET as well. In his roles working closely with other UET team members, Russ is responsible for business strategy and development activities; alliances with channel, product, and other partners; branding; in-bound and outbound marketing; public relations; negotiations and contracting; mergers and acquisitions; and fundraising. Russ has more than 24 years of experience as a VP business development and general counsel, including previously at GE and Labtec. His experience includes government relations, licensing, intellectual property, employment, compliance, trade regulation, risk management and extensive international work particularly in Asia and Europe.