Rigoberto Advincula


Case Western Reserve University

Rigoberto Advincula is Professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.He is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Fellow of the Polymer Science and Engineering Division (ACS), Fellow of the Polymer Chemistry Division (ACS). He is also a member of NACE, SPE, ERG, MRS, and AAAS and a frequently sought out speaker and expert in polymer materials, coatings, and sensors. He received the Herman Mark Scholar Award in 2013 from the ACS. He is Editor of Reactive and Functional Polymers and Associate Editor of Polymer Reviews and sits on the Editorial Advisory board of a number of major polymer journals. He is currently the Chair of the Polymer Chemistry Division, ACS. His group does research in polymer materials, nanocomposites, colloidal science, hybrid materials, and ultrathin films towards applications from display coatings to biomedical devices. He works with a number of companies focusing on the most challenging problems and definition of structure-property relationships towards commercial applications. Currently, he is director of PETRO Case a Consortium dealing with the challenging materials problems of the Petroleum Industry.