Jie Fan

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Zhejiang University, China

Jie Fan Professor of Chemistry and Materials Zhejiang University Dr. Jie Fan received his Ph.D. degree from Fudan University, Shanghai, in 2004. He completed his three-year postdoc experience at UCSB and is now a full Professor at Chemistry Department at Zhejiang University.

He serves as the committee of Chinese Zeolite Association, Young Investigator Association of Chinese Chemical Society, Nanotechnology and Nanodevice Association of Chinese Material Research Society, and PI of Pire-ecci program funded by NSFC-NSF.

Dr. Fan is developing a method for ultra-fast discovery of new catalysts using ink-jet printing technology. He published > 70 peer-reviewed papers (>4000 citations) and holds 7 Chinese patents. He is also the founder of two startup companies (Nanonov Inc. and Zeolite-Innovation Medical Technology Corporation).