Scott Blanchet

Vice President of Technology Development

Nuvera Fuel Cells

Scott Blanchet is the Vice President of Technology Development at Nuvera. Scott leads functional activities in electrochemical and process technologies, which are the foundation of Nuvera's core products. In this capacity, Scott is responsible for all development activities including planning and execution of next-generation architectures and strategic management of multi-generational roadmaps for hydrogen generation, purification, and transmission and utilization technologies. Scott is fully accountable for growing the corporate technology portfolio and ensuring intellectual property governance at Nuvera.

Before joining Nuvera, Scott was Manager of Engineering at Fuel Cell Energy in Danbury, Conn. where he was instrumental in the development, optimization, cost reduction, and production launch of a variety of high temperature carbonate fuel cell products. Prior to this role, Scott developed advanced automotive catalysts and emissions system technologies for LEV and ULEV vehicles at General Motors Corporation in Flint, Michigan.

Scott's personal mission is to make an enduring contribution to human society and our environment by delivering exceptional solutions to major energy problems. He has been awarded 15 patents related to emissions control and fuel cells. Scott holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami.