TechConnect World 2016
National SBIR/STTR Conference National Innovation Summit & Showcase Nanotech 2016

TechConnect World 2016 Program - Monday May 23

7:00RegistrationPotomac Registration Hall
8:30TechConnect World Innovation Conference & National Innovation Summit - KeynotesPotomac A
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, TechConnect, US
8:30TechConnect Welcome (invited presentation)
M. Laudon, TechConnect, US (bio)
8:40Opening Remarks and Keynote Panel Moderator (invited presentation)
B. Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
L. Whitman, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, US (bio)
M. Meador, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US (bio)
P. Grodzinski, National Cancer Institute, Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research, US (bio)
H. Kung, U.S. Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences, US (bio)
L. Sloter, U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Research & Engineering, US (bio)
9:00Phase I SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - WorkshopNational Harbor 6
Session chair: J. Greenwood, Greenwood Consulting Group, US
9:00Phase II SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - WorkshopNational Harbor 14
Session chair: B. Aistrup, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, US
9:00SBIR Cost Accounting - WorkshopNational Harbor 15
Session chair: E. Jameson, Jameson & Company, CPAs, US
9:00SBIR/STTR Overview - WorkshopNational Harbor 7
Session chair: M. Kurek, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, US
10:00Coffee BreakPotomac Registration Hall
10:30Materials for Oil & GasNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Willard C. (Bill) Capdevielle, Oil Patch Engineering, PLLC, Katherine Price Hoelschler, MISWACO-Schlumberger (bio)
10:30Investigation of Failure Micro-mechanisms in Structural Steels and Its Weldments for Oil and Gas Industry (invited presentation)
H. Jin, ExxonMobil, US (bio)
10:55Nanotechnology and Nanostructured Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications (invited presentation)
R. Advincula, Case Western Reserve University, US (bio)
11:20Development and Testing of Thermosensitive Poly(NIPAm-AA)/Nano-SiO2 Composite Blocking Agent for Shale Gas Drilling Operations
W. Wang, Z. Qiu, G. Chen, H. Zhong, W. Huang, J. Cao, China University of Petroleum, CN
11:40Rheological Characterization of a Novel Viscoelastic Surfactant for Subsurface Applications
M. Liebum, Q.P. Nguyen, The University of Texas at Austin, US
12:00Asphaltene processing with suspended nanocatalyst. Relevance to in situ upgrading
F. Isquierdo, P. Pereira-Almao, C.E. Scott, University of Calgary, CA
12:20A Novel Approach to Reducing Water and Energy Consumption in Oil Production
M.R. Pavia, Glori Energy, US
10:30Biomaterials for RegenerationPotomac 2
Session chair: Thomas E. Twardowski, Integra Life Sciences Corporation (bio)
10:30From Controlled Drug Delivery to Gene Therapies to Bone Regeneration: Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles as Essential Components of Advanced Biomaterials (invited presentation)
V. Uskokovic, University of Illinois at Chicago, US (bio)
10:55Nanoengineered Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine (invited presentation)
A. Gaharwar, Texas A&M University, US (bio)
11:20Dynamic cell-material interactions measured by passive microrheology (invited presentation)
K. Schultz, Lehigh University, US (bio)
11:45A synergistic approach to the design, fabrication and evaluation of 3D printed micro and nano featured scaffolds for vascularized bone tissue repair
B. Holmes, K. Bulusu, M. Plesniak, L.G. Zhang, Nanochon LLC, George Washington University, US
12:05Characterization of the antibiofilm and biomechanical properties of a PEEK-Silver zeolite Spacer for intervertebral fusion surgery
M. Shirtliff, S. Sankar, J. Crudden, P. Whang, DiFusion Inc., US
10:30Nanoparticle Processing & Biomedical ApplicationsNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Sotiris E. Pratsinis, ETH. Zurich, CH, T.J. (Lakis) Mountziaris, NSF (bio)
10:30Synthesis, Functionalization and Biological Sensing Applications of ZnSe Nanocrystals (invited presentation)
T.J. Mountziaris, University of Massachusetts, Amhearst, US (bio)
10:55Preserving high surface area of drug nanoparticles in nanocomposite particulates and oral stripfilms (invited presentation)
R.N. Dave, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
11:20Highly selective, flame-made nanostructured sensors for breath analysis (invited presentation)
S.E. Pratsinis, ETH Zurich, CH (bio)
11:45Optimization of synthesis conditions to prepare desired shell thickness of superparamagnetic MgFe2O4@SiO2 core-shell nanosphere for biomedical applications
H. Das, N. Debnath, T. Arai, N. Sakamoto, K. Shinozaki, H. Suzuki, N. Wakiya, Shizuoka University, JP
12:05Characterization of Crosslinked Polymer Nanoparticles by Size-Exclusion Chromatography Coupled to Differential Viscometery
T.H. Kalantar, D.M. Meunier, J.W. Lyons, J.J. Kiefer, Q.J. Niu, Y. Li, K.J. Bouck, C.J. Tucker, P.S. Russo, R. Cueto, Dow Chemical Company, US
10:30Materials for Solar TechnologiesChesapeake 8-9
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Rahul Sharma, The Dow Chemical Company (bio)
10:30Progress and Challenges in the Development of OPV Solar Cells (invited presentation)
L. Yu, The University of Chicago, US (bio)
10:55Key factors in the development of low bandgap materials for organic solar cells (invited presentation)
P. Verstappen, G. Pirotte, T. Vangerven, L. Lutsen, D. Vanderzande, J. Manca, and W. Maes, Hasselt University, BE (bio)
11:20The Importance of Designing and Processing Materials for Organic Electronics: Enhancing the Performance and Stability of Dyes for Dye Sensitised Solar Cells
G.E. Collis, S. Maniam, A.B. Holmes, G. Leeke, CSIRO Manufacturing, AU
11:40Advancements in Photovoltaic Fabrics
T. Dalland, R. Lerner, C. Touhey, Pvilion, US
12:00Rapid processing of perovskite thin films for applications in PV
T. Druffel, B. Lavery, University of Louisville, US
12:20Advances in Black Silicon Solar Cells
M.S. Schmidt, Technical University of Denmark, DK
10:30Materials for Sustainable Building IChesapeake 5
Session chair: Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE (bio)
10:30Materials for Sustainable & Green Buildings: Opportunities and Innovations (invited presentation)
K. Sawyer, U.S. Department of Energy, US (bio)
10:55Simplified fabrication of transparent, custom-shaped, and cellular aerogel composites (invited presentation)
M. Bertino, Virginia Commonwealth University, US (bio)
11:20Crement & Concrete: Where are we going (invited presentation)
F. Jachimowicz, P. Westgate, FJ Consulting, LLC, US
11:45Development of a new thermally insulating and structural green concrete for lean constructions
S. Ng, B.P. Jelle, SINTEF, NO
12:05Ten Years of Nanotechnology in Architecture
G. Elvin, Ball State University, US
10:30Nanoparticle Release During the Life Cycle of Consumer Products & Nanocomposites IChesapeake 11-12
Session chairs: Li Piin Sung, NIST, Elijah Petersen, NIST, Susana Addo Ntim, U.S. Food, Drug Administration (bio, bio, bio)
10:30Nanotechnology and Exposure Science in the 21st Century – Quantifying Exposures to Nanomaterials from Consumer Products
T. Thomas, U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, US (bio)
10:50An Integrated Approach for Tiered Testing of Nano-Enabled Technologies for Life Cycle Assessment Inventories: Case-Specific Demonstrations
A.J. Kennedy, M. Chappell, D. Edwards, W-S Shih, R. Patel, J. Brame, M. Brondum, S.A. Diamond, J. Coleman, A. Poda, J.A. Steevens, US Army Corps - Engineer Research and Development Center, US
11:10Understanding of the mechanisms leading to the release of nanoparticles in paint : towards a safe by design approach
J.F. Damlencourt, CEA Grenoble/PNS, FR
11:30The environmental release of model nanofillers (semiconductor nanocrystals) from free-standing polymer nanocomposite films
T.V. Duncan, K.V. Pillai, P. Gray, C-C Tien, R. Bleher, L-P Sung, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, US
11:50Release of Nanomaterials During Weathering of Polymer Nanocomposites
D.H. Fairbrother, R. Lakone, J.J. Wang, A. Barber, R.B. Reed, J.F. Ranville, Johns Hopkins University, US
10:30Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications: KeynotesNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Brent Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
10:30Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing in Defense (invited presentation)
L.E. Sloter, U.S. Department of Defense, US
10:55Opportunities and Challenges in Insertion of Advanced Materials Technologies into Spacecraft Systems Opportunities and Challenges in Insertion of Advanced Materials Technologies into Spacecraft Systems (invited presentation)
S.P. Rawal, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, US
11:20Nanocrystalline Metals Stabilized for Commercial Use (invited presentation)
C.A. Schuh, Xtalic Corporation/MIT, US
11:45Flat Modular Compressed Natural Gas Tanks (invited presentation)
J. Sharon, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), US
12:10Thin Films with Self-Assembled Monolayers Embedded On Their Surfaces
P. Singh, N. Musunuri, NJIT, US
10:30Hydrogen ProductionChesapeake 6
Session chair: Donna Lee Ho, U.S. Department of Energy (bio)
10:30U.S. Department of Energy Overview of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Activities (invited presentation)
D. Lee Ho, U.S. Department of Energy, US
10:55Why Hydrogen? (invited presentation)
S. Blanchet, Nuvera Fuel Cells, US
11:20Water Electrolysis: from Components to Systems (invited presentation)
H. Xu, C. Mittelsteadt, Giner Inc., US
11:45Defect-Tolerate Nanowire Motif for Efficient and Stable Water Splitting
S. Hu, M. Yao, K. Sun, C.-Y. Chi, M. Lichterman, C. Zhou, P. Daniel Dapkus, N.S. Lewis, Yale University, US
12:05An Integrated Si/Metal-Nitride Photoelectrochemical System for High Efficiency, Scalable Solar Hydrogen Production
Z. Mi, McGill University, CA
10:30Nanoscale Science Research Centers (NSRCs) PanelNational Harbor 2
Session chair: Lisa E. Friedersdorf, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (bio)
Overview of the DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers
G. Maracas, U.S. Department of Energy, US
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
J. Swett, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, US
Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) at Brookhaven National Laboratory
F. Ross, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, US
Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) at Argonne National Laboratory
S. Baryshev, Euclid TechLabs LLC, US
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) at Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories
E. Vreeland, Senior Scientific LLC., US
Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laborator
A. Ruminski, Silicium Energy, US
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) at Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories
Q. Jia, Los Alamos National Laboratories, US
10:303D PrintingNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Joey L. Mead, NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
10:30MesoPlasma™ 3D Printing Technology: Additive Manufacturing of Integrated Sensors, Heaters, and Antennas (invited presentation)
J. Brogan, MesoScribe Technologies, Inc., US
10:55Advances in Magnetohydrodynamic Molten Metal Jet Printing
S. Vader, Z. Vader, I.H. Karampelas, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, SUNY, US
11:15Continuous Preparation of Polymer Nanocomposites for Applications in Novel Substrates, Multilayered Materials, and 3D Printing
C. Barry, D. Kazmer, J. Mead, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
11:35Design of Ultra-Lightweight and High-Strength Cellular Structural Composites by Modeling
Z. Hu, K. Thiyagarajan, T. Letcher, Q.H. Fan, D. Salem, South Dakota State University, US
11:553D printed hierarchical structures for 4D shape transformation
W. Jo, H.J. Lee, M-W. Moon, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR
10:30Cancer Nanotechnology IPotomac 3
Session chair: Anil Patri, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (bio)
10:30Solving Drug Delivery Problems by Genetically Engineered Nanoparticles (invited presentation)
A. Chilkoti, Duke University, US
10:55In vivo photoacoustic blood nanotesting (invited presentation)
V. Zharov, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, US
11:20Single Cell Cisplatin Measurement by ICP-MS
L. Amable, S. Smith, C. Stephan, PerkinElmer, CA
11:45Enzymatic Transformation of Phosphate Decorated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Selectively Sorting and Inhibiting Cancer Cells
X. Du, J. Zhou, B. Xu, Brandeis University, US
12:05A plasma electrochemistry reactor for the synthesis of radioactive gold nanoparticles
M.A. Fortin, M. Bouchard, M. Laprise-Pelletier, S. Turgeon, Université Laval, CA
12:25A Novel Method for Preparation of Radiotherapeutic Nanoseeds for Brachtherapy
S. Moeendarbari, R. Tekade, A. Mulgaonkar, P. Christensen, S. Ramezani, G. Hassan, R. Jiang, O.K. Oz, X. Sun, Y. Hao, University of Texas at Arlington, US
10:30Lab on ChipPotomac 1
Session chair: Edward P. Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY) (bio)
10:30Non-contact Micro/Nano Object Manipulation (invited presentation)
S. Wereley, Purdue University, US
10:55Capillary flow of whole blood in microsystems: non-Newtonian blood behavior and substrate reagent-coating effect (invited presentation)
J. Berthier, D. Gosselin, M. Huet, G. Sabatte, M-L. Cosnier, P. Pouteau, M. Cubizolles, CEA-Leti, University Grenoble-Alpes, FR
11:20Fabrication of Conductive Nanoporous Membranes using Self-Assembling Block Copolymers for Electrically Controlled Diffusive Flow
E.I. Ozalp, S. Kim, V. Sundar, J-G Zhu, J.A. Weldon, Carnegie Mellon University, US
11:40Single Cell DNA Methylation Analysis via On-Chip Whole Genome Amplification and Bisulfite Treatment
H.C. Tian, J.J. Benitez, H.G. Craighead, Cornell University, US
12:00Rapid and controllable microfluidic mixing via magnetically functionalized PDMS micropillar arrays
B. Zhou, W. Xu, X. Zhang, W. Wen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
10:30Superhydrophobic/Non-Wettable SurfacesNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Kock-Yee Law, Research, Innovative Solutions (bio)
10:30The quest for supernonwetting, antireflection, mechanically durable optical surface (invited presentation)
P. Mazumder, V. Pruneri, W. Senaratne, Corning Incorporated, US
10:55Innovation from biomimetic approaches (invited presentation)
F. Guittard, T. Darmanin, G. Godeau, S. Amigoni, University of Nice, FR
11:20Inherently Super-omniphobic Fibers and Fabrics
Q. Truong, W. Zukas, E. Welsh, P. Stenhouse, P. Brown, N. Hoffman, J. Mead, C. Barry, P. Mooney, J. Sherer, A. Panwar, B. Koene, R. Martin, R. Cohen, G. McKinley, J. Kleingartner, D. Chen, U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Development & Engineering Center, US
11:45Durable Superhydrophobic Coating
T. Nahum A. Panwar, H. Dodiuk, S. Kenig, C. Barry, J. Mead, UMass Lowell, US
12:05Perfluoropolyethers as superhydrophobizing agents for carbon-based surfaces of fuel cell gas diffusion layers
W. Navarrini, M. Sansotera, M.V. Diamanti, MP. Pedeferri, M. Gola, G. Dotelli, Politecnico di Milano, IT
10:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials - Owens Corning, Saint-GobainNational Harbor 4
Session chair: S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
10:30Owens Corning: Innovation Spotlight
A. Berthereau, Owens Corning, US
10:45Saint-Gobain: Innovation Spotlight
A. Hardy, Saint-Gobain, FR
11:00Isosorbide–based Polymers
L. Micek, University of Minnesota, US
11:07nPAO Synthetic Lubricant Base Stock
L. Sita, Precision Polyolefins LLC, US
11:14Organic materials as fluorescent probes, parylene process monomers, and novel chemical structures
D. Johnson, University of Oregon, US
11:21Recyclable Cellulose Aerogels
G. Wee, National University of Singapore, SG
11:28Biorenewable Production Pathway for Nylon and PET
C. Forney, Iowa State University, US
11:35Connora: Materials Reimagined - Reversible and Removable Plastics for Next Generation Composites
S. Pastine, Connora Technologies Inc., US
11:42Composites Made From Sugarcane By-products
D. Benedict, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, US
11:49Owens Corning, Saint-Gobain : Q&A
10:30Innovation Spotlights: Venture Investment - Allied Minds, In-Q-TelNational Harbor 5
Session chair: J. Rocha, TechConnect, US
10:30Allied Minds: Innovation Spotlight
D. See, Allied Minds, US
10:45In-Q-Tel: Innovation Spotlight
T. Gillespie, In-Q-Tel, US
11:00Battery Sensor for Charge and Health Monitoring
P. Dahlqvist, Insplorion AB, SE
11:07High Resolution Analytical Microscope on a Chip
R. Farrow, New Jersey Innovation Institute, an NJIT Corporation, US
11:14HARDSIL process and high temperature
K. Klein, VORAGO Technologies, US
11:21A revolutionary dynamic orthotic system for footwear
T. Rose, Aliwings, Inc., US
E. Burdette, Acoustic MedSystems, Inc., US
11:35Low cost platinum replacement materials to unlock fuel cells
J. Ornstein, framergy, Inc, US
11:42A new antenna-feedback scheme to achieve emission in a narrow beam from metal-cavity semiconductor lasers
S. Kumar, Lehigh University, US
11:49Allied Minds, In-Q-Tel : Q&A
12:00Networking Lunch (for purchase) - Expo HallPotomac Registration Hall
1:15Phase I SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - WorkshopNational Harbor 6
Session chair: J. Greenwood, Greenwood Consulting Group, US
1:15Phase II SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation - WorkshopNational Harbor 14
Session chair: B. Aistrup, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, US
1:15SBIR Cost Accounting - WorkshopNational Harbor 15
Session chair: E. Jameson, Jameson & Company, CPAs, US
1:15SBIR/STTR Overview - WorkshopNational Harbor 7
Session chair: M. Kurek, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, US
1:30Corrosion Resistance CoatingsNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Willard C. (Bill) Capdevielle, Oil Patch Engineering, PLLC, Katherine Price Hoelschler, MISWACO-Schlumberger (bio)
1:30Mass Producion of Anti-Corrosion Graphene Based Ceramic Coating Using Plasma Spray (invited presentation)
S. Seal, University of Central Florida, US
1:55Attacking the Pervasive Corrosion Problem in the Harshest Environments (invited presentation)
T. Hawkins, Tesla NanoCoatings, US
2:20Environmentally Friendly Protective Coatings for Metals and Alloys (invited presentation)
E. Ryabova, J. Dawley, V. Ryabov, C. Mah, Advenira Enterprises, Inc., US
2:45Process for improvement of corrosion resistance on Stainless Steel
S. Piesslinger-Schweiger, POLIGRAT GmbH, DE
3:05Zinc phosphate micro flakes as new corrosion inhibition additives in coatings and paints
E. Perre, S. Albayrak, C. Becker-Willinger, INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials, DE
3:25Durable Hydrophobic Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Metallic Materials
B.E. Koene, R. Martin, A. Goff, J. Hay, Luna Innovations, US
1:30Characterization for Bio/Pharma ApplicationsNational Harbor 13
Session chair: Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC (bio)
1:30Facilitating Drug Product Development using Indentation Experiments on an Atomic Force Microscope (invited presentation)
R. Wadams, Pfizer Inc., US
1:55Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques for Modern Pharmaceutical Development (invited presentation)
M. Lamm, Merck, US
2:20Medical Device Surface Characterization for Optimal Coating Process Control (invited presentation)
B. Forsyth, Boston Scientific, US
2:45Development and Validation of Characterization Methods for Lipidots® Multifunctional Platform: a Step forward Industrial Transfer
M. Varache, M. Ciancone, F. Caputo, C. Laffont, M. Escudé, D. Jary, P. Boisseau, I. Texier, F.P. Navarro, A.-C. Couffin, CEA-LETI, FR
3:05Neutron Scattering for Biological Research: Progress at the Bio-SANS Beam Line
S. Qian, S.V. Pingali, K. Weiss, V. Urban, H.M. O'Neill, P. Langan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
3:25Incorporation study of Escin in DMPC vesicles by scattering methods (invited presentation)
R. Sreij, C. Dargel and T. Hellweg, Bielefeld University, DE
3:50Fluorescence Characterization Studies for Single Molecules Isolated in Hybrid Zero-Mode Waveguides
W.E. Martin, University of Kentucky, US
4:10Characterization of electrochemically active bacteria in microbial fuel cells by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
S.F.Y. Li, L. Zhang, Y. Gao, L. Lai, National University of Singapore, SG
1:30Biomaterials ApplicationsPotomac 2
Session chair: Thomas E. Twardowski, Integra Life Sciences Corporation (bio)
1:30Hydrogels in Trauma: Our experiences with Hemorrhage and Burn Models (invited presentation)
A. Nazarian, Harvard Medical School, US
1:55Microbial Cellulose Materials for Ophthalmic Wound Healing
C. Adams, Diopter Corp, US
2:15Biofilm as a versatile stablizer and promoter for Pd nanoparticle (PdNP) recovery and catalytic denitrification
C. Zhou, B.E. Rittmann, Z. Wang, A. Ontiveros-Valencia, R. Krajmalnik-Brown, Arizona State University, US
2:35Comparing Biocompatibility of Titanium Orthopaedic Implants With and Without an Ultra-thin Coating of TiO2 by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
R. Miralami, F. Namavar, G.M. Thiele, J.G. Sharp, K.L. Garvin, University of Nebraska Medical Center, US
2:55Micro topographical surface features and gradients for influencing mesenchymal stem cells behavior for bone tissue engineering
V. Dinca, L.E. Sima, L. Rusen, A. Bonciu, P. Hoffmann, National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, RO
1:30GrapheneNational Harbor 2
Session chair: Lance Criscuolo, Zyvex Technologies (bio)
1:30The Dawning of the Age of Graphene (invited presentation)
I. Fuller, Angstron Materials, US
1:55Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots Towards Sensing and Biomedical Applications
A. Ananthanarayanan, P. Chen, Nanyang Technological University, SG
2:15Graphenea: graphene synthesis and opportunities in Post Li-ion batteries
J. de la Fuente, Graphenea Inc., US
2:35Vertically Aligned Graphene sheets Based Coatings as Nano-micro-structured Electrodes for Enhanced Performance of Supercapacitors
G.G. Jang, J.K. Keum, B. Song, L. Li, D.K. Hensley, Y. Jiang, A. Hunt, K-S Moon, C.P. Wong, M.Z. Hu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
1:30Synthesis of Nanoparticles with Interesting Optical/Electronic/Magnetic PropertiesNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Larry A. Mann, Shoei Electronic Materials, Inc. (bio)
1:30Double Heterojunction Nanorods: From Light-Emitting Diodes to Advanced Display Concepts (invited presentation)
P. Trefonas III, B.H. Kim, V. Kumar, S. Nam, M.S. Naughton, N. Oh, Y. Zhai, P.J.A. Kenis, J.A. Rogers, M. Shim, K. Deshpande, T. Ewers, K. Howard, J. Park, J. Zhang, Dow Chemical Company, US
1:55Elongated quantum rods: polarized emission for novel display applications
J. Niehaus, T. Jochum, H. Weller, CAN GmbH, DE
2:15PbTe particles: bright and stable IR emitters up to 3 µm
J. Niehaus, K. Poulsen, H. Weller, CAN GmbH, DE
2:35Controlling the Active Center of Gold Nanoreactors by Mediating the Metal-Polymer Interaction
V. Shah, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
1:30Materials for Sustainable Building IIChesapeake 5
Session chair: Jan Kosny, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE (bio)
1:30Residential Solar Systems as an Appliance – Plug and Play PV (invited presentation)
C. Honeker, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, US
1:55A Review of Research Pathways and Opportunities for Building Integrated Photovoltaics from a (invited presentation)
B.P. Jelle, S. Ng, S.A. Mofid, T. Gao, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure / Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), NO
2:20Nanoelectrochromics for Smart Windows: Materials and Methodologies
T. Gao, B.P. Jelle, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO
2:40Low cost artificial muscles for residential and industrial energy savings
M. Dias Lima, Lintec of America, US
3:00Stability, Cost and Sustainability of Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices
D. O’Carroll, C. Carter, Z. Shen, J. Tracey, C. Antonick, Rutgers University, US
3:20Improving the optical-radiative properties of TiO2 containing coatings – a side effect of air purification
R. Paolini, M. Sleiman, M.-P. Pedeferri, M.V. Diamanti, Politecnico di Milano, IT
3:40Characterization, optimization and efficient implementation of active facades in social housing buildings
E. Iribar-Solaberrieta, I. Ruiz de Vergara-Ruiz de Azua, C. Escudero-Revilla, D. Perez-González, J.M. Hidalgo-Betanzos, J.M. Sala-Lizarraga, UPV-EHU, ES
1:30Nanoparticle Release During the Life Cycle of Consumer Products & Nanocomposites IIChesapeake 11-12
Session chairs: Li Piin Sung, NIST, Elijah Petersen, NIST, Susana Addo Ntim, U.S. Food, Drug Administration (bio, bio, bio)
1:30NanoRelease Consumer Products Consortium
R. Canady, NeutralScience L3C, US
1:50NanoRelease Consumer Products: Developing consensus measurement approaches for the analysis of release materials from nanocomposites
K. Scott, F. Meisenkothen, J-F. Damlencourt, B. Fiorentino, T. Kuhlbusch, B. Oeffling, G-N. Bae, C. Kingston, G. Chan, J. Muller, C. Cairns, R. Canady, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:10Pilot Inter-Laboratory Studies for Evaluating Weathering-Induced Release of Carbon Nanotubes from Solid Matrices
R. Zepp, D. Bouchard, E. Sahle-Demessie, W. Wohlleben, S. Vazquez-Campos, J. Carter, C. Kingston, R. Canady, B. Acrey, C-Y. Chen, U.S. EPA, NERL, US
2:30NanoRelease Weathering Protocol interlab-tested on CNT in 2 matrices, intralab-applied to 27 NM-matrix combinations: Matrix matters most
W. Wohlleben, R.G. Zepp, E. Sahle-Demessie, S. Vázquez-Campos, J. Carter, C. Kingston, R. Canady, B. Acrey, C-Y Chen, BASF SE, DE
2:50Development of Novel Analytical Approaches for Measurements of Carbon Nanotubes Release from Polymer Nanocomposites
A. Orlov, Stony Brook University, US
3:10Development of surface chemical approaches for detection and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in a polymer composite
J.M. Gorham, W.A. Osborn, J.W. Woodcock, K.C.K. Scott, J.M. Heddleston, A.R. Hight Walker, J.W. Gilman, NIST, US
1:30Biofuels & Bioproducts: AlgaePotomac 6
Session chair: Scott Twary, Los Alamos National Laboratory (bio)
1:30On the road to cost effective algae: Recent advances at Heliae via partnerships and process integration (invited presentation)
M. Olaizola, Heliae Development, LLC, US
1:55Alage Testbed Public Private Partnership: Two years of Unified Field Study Results to Identify Current State of Technology for Algal Biomass Production
J.A. McGowen, Arizona State University, US
2:15Regulatory Developments Regarding Algae Biomass
L.L. Beregson, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., US
2:35Environmental impact and Scalability of utilizing Coal Fired Power Plant Flue Gas in Microalgal Biofuel Production
D. Hess, K. Napan, B. McNeil, J.C. Quinn, Utah State University, US
2:55Biodiesel Co-product Utilization: Glycerol-derived Films for use in Commercial Applications
V. Wyatt, G. Strahan, C-K. Liu, T. Jin, United States Department of Agriculture, US
1:30Catalysts for Fuel CellsChesapeake 6
Session chair: Donna Lee Ho, U.S. Department of Energy, Philippe Serp, CNRS, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, FR (bio)
1:30Advancing Fuel Cell Materials through Electron Microscopy (invited presentation)
D.A. Cullen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
1:55MOFs and POPs and more – new classes of highly efficient non-PGM and ultralow PGM fuel cell catalysts prepared from rationally designed porous precursors (invited presentation)
H. Barkholtz, L. Chong, Z. Kaiser, D-J Liu, Argonne National Laboratory, US
2:20Surfactant-Free and Scalable Manufacturing of Octahedral Platinum Alloy Nanoparticle Catalyst for Improved ORR Property
Z. Peng, University of Akron, US
2:40Advanced Catalysts for Fuel Cells
V. Stamenkovic, N. Markovic, D. Li, D. Strmcnik, Argonne National Laboratory, US
3:00Accessing fundamental characteristics of fuel cells by in operando high-energy XRD
V. Petkov, Central Michigan University, US
3:20Synthesis of bimetallic catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes for fuel cell application
S. Louisia, M.R. Axet, M. Heitzmann, P-A. Jacques, P. Serp, Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA), FR
3:40High Performance Transition-Metal-Doped Pt3Ni Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Yu Huang, University of California Los Angeles, US
1:30NanoelectronicsChesapeake 8-9
Session chair: Gernahrd Wachutka, Technical University of Munich, DE
1:30The Nanotechnology-inspired Grand Challenge for Future Computing (invited presentation)
L. Whitman, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, US
1:55Promises, Problems, and Practicalities of Nanomaterials in Transistors (invited presentation)
A. Franklin, Duke University, US
2:20Atomic Layer Heterostructures and Device Applications (invited presentation)
E. Tutuc, The University of Texas at Austin, US
2:40Plasmonic Response of Partially Gated Field Effect Transistors
G. Rupper, S. Rudin, M. Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
3:00Controlling Surface-directed Nanoepitaxy using Low-dose Ion Beam Pulses
E. Garratt, B. Nikoobakht, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:20Semiconductor Equipment Assessment – An Enabler for Production Ready Equipment
M. Pfeffer, A. Bauer, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB), DE
1:30Cancer Nanotechnology IIPotomac 3
Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, Anil Patri, U.S. Food, Drug Administration
1:30Translating Cancer Nanomedicines - from Academic Research to Clinical and Commercial Outcomes: NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer (invited presentation)
P. Grodzinski, National Cancer Institute, US
1:55The unique subtype specific cytotoxic activity of silver nanoparticles toward claudin-low breast cancer in vitro and in vivo
J. Swanner, I. Tenvooren, B.W. Bernish, C.D. Fahrenholtz, P.A. Vidi, R. Singh, Wake Forest School of Medicine, US
2:15Plasmonic Nanocages as Photothermal Transducers for Nanobubble Cancer Therapy
I.H. Karampelas, K. Liu, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo, SUNY, US
2:35Novel Dielectrophoretic Devices for Rapid Isolation and Detection of Cancer Related DNA, RNA & Exosome Biomarkers and Drug Delivery Nanoparticles
M.J. Heller, S. Ibsen, J. Wright, J. Lewis, University of California San Diego, US
2:55Microfluidic Device for Aptamer-based Cancer Cell Capture and Gene Mutation Detection
S.J. Reinholt, H.G. Craighead, Cornell University, US
3:15Development of a filamentous plant virus for chemo-immunotherapy delivery
K.L. Lee, N.F. Steinmetz, Case Western Reserve University, US
3:35Magnetostructural characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles for cancer hyperthermia applications
A. Sharma, F. Soetaert, S.K. Kandala, C.L. Dennis, R. Ivkov, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, US
1:30Micro & Nano FluidicsPotomac 1
Session chair: Edward P. Furlani, University at Buffalo (SUNY) (bio)
1:30Open Droplets: Programming Chemical Flow in Microfluidics (invited presentation)
J-C. Baret, University of Bordeaux, FR
1:55Low-Dimensional Fluidic Architectures for the Capture of Single Event Phenomena (invited presentation)
L.P. Zaino III, W. Xu, D. Han, P.W. Bohn, University of Notre Dame, US
2:20Evaporation of Binary Mixture Nanofluid Drops: Pattern Formation
M. Parsa, S. Harmand, K. Sefiane, M. Bigerelle, University of Valenciennes, FR
2:40Combined effects of pump and capillary pressures for the filling of microchannel networks: the difficulty of synchronization
J. Berthier, M.L. Diakite, CEA-Leti (University Grenoble Alpes), FR
3:00Droplet formation of highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in a microfluidic flow focusing device: scaling of droplet size and production frequency
C. Authesserre, F. Bottausci, G. Costa, M. Alessio, P.Y. Benhamou, B. Icard, F. Rivera, CEA-Leti Grenoble, FR
3:20Drying Graphene Nanofluid on Heated Substrate
P. Chen, University of Valenciennes, FR
3:40Field-directed Self-assembly of Multifunctional Magnetic-Plasmonic Core-shell Nanoparticles with Applications to Photonics
X. Xue, K. Liu, J. Wang, E.P. Furlani, University at Buffalo - SUNY, US
1:30Food Materials & Innovations IPotomac 5
Session chair: Krassimir P. Velikov, Unilever RandD. Vlaardingen B.V. (bio)
1:30Contributions of the main flour constituents to dough rheology, and resulting implications for dough quality and its assessment (invited presentation)
M. Meerts, R. Cardinaels, F. Oosterlinck, C.M. Courtin, P. Moldenaers, KU Leuven, BE
1:55Design and Discovery of Short Peptide Gelators and Emulsifiers (invited presentation)
R.V. Ulijn, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, US
2:20Microemulsions as delivery vehicles of hydrophobic food bioactive compounds (invited presentation)
H. Chen, Q. Zhong, University of Tennessee, US
2:45Recent Advances of Nano-biomaterials Research in Agriculture and Food Systems (invited presentation)
H. Chen, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, US
1:30Advanced Manufacturing INational Harbor 8
Session chair: Stacey Standridge, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
1:30A Hybrid Printing Platform for manufacturing metal mesh as transparent conductive films (invited presentation)
Z. Cui, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
1:55Functionality by structure – tomorrow’s products by injection moulding and bio-mimicking
T. Nielsen, NIL Technology ApS, DK
2:15Direct-Write Nanofabrication Using Helium Ion Microscopy: Selective Disordering of Functional Thin Films
A.J. Rondinone, O. Ovchinnikova, A. Belianinov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
2:35Effect of β-Silicon Carbide Size and Shape on the Properties and Microstructure of PMMA Matrix Nanocomposites
M.R. Watt, Ro.A. Gerhardt, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
2:55Stretchable Gas and UV Sensors towards Wearable Electronics
P. Gutruf, S. Walia, E. Zeller, H. Nili, S. Sriram, M. Bhaskaran, RMIT University, AU
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials - Sherwin-Williams, SABIC, MichelmanNational Harbor 4
Session chair: M. Makowski, K. Kauffman, PPG Industries, US
1:30Sherwin-Williams: Innovation Spotlight
V. Scarborough, Sherwin-Williams, US
1:45SABIC: Innovation Spotlight
J. Amarasekera, SABIC, US
2:00Michelman: Innovation Spotlight
J. Homoelle, Michelman, US
2:15Bi-Layer Multifunctional Coating for the Prevention of Icing
B. Loux, Arizona Technology Enterprises (ASU), US
2:22Anti-Corrosion Paint/Primer Additive Based on Conjugated Polymer Nano-Dispersions
L. Thompkins, PolyDrop, LLC, US
2:29Flexible Hard Coating (Flex9H®)
B.S. Bae, Solip Tech Co., Ltd., KR
2:36Low cost high durability tunable superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic surface treatment
C. Archambault, Univalor, CA
L. Berryman, Nelumbo, US
2:50The "Holy Grail" of Coatings
M. Shaw, UltraTech International Inc's Advanced Technology Group, US
2:57Sherwin-Williams, SABIC, Michelman : Q&A
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Electronics/Sensors - Panasonic, LGNational Harbor 5
Session chair: M. Guitton, Univalor, CA
1:30Panasonic: Innovation Spotlight
I. Nydick, Panasonic, US
1:45LG Innovation Spotlight
K. Patel, Technology Center of America (LGTCA), US
2:00A low-altitude UAS-based autonomous radiological search and identification system
E. Becker, Oregon State University, US
2:07Printed Organic Sensors, using polymer inks with piezoelectric, pyroelectric or electrostrictive properties, on Large Area Flexible Surfaces (320mm x 380mm )
H. Metras, CEA Tech, FR
2:14Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles (SRLV)
J. Quinn, Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies, US
2:21Bacterial detection in real time
X. Simon, Fluid-Screen, Inc, US
2:28Energy Harvesting Technology
M. Levy, EnerBee SAS, FR
2:35Vision-Based Multimodal Tactile Sensor Module (VMTSM)
S. Lee, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KR
2:42Highly Accurate Occupancy Estimation Using Only Wi-Fi Power Measurements
M. Shaw, University of California, Santa Barbara, US
2:49A Vehicle 2 Vehicle Communication system for Smart Transpotations
L. Loerchner, University of Waterloo - WatCo, CA
2:56Panasonics, LG : Q&A
1:30Korean Technology & Innovation Highlights: Energy, Safety, Medicine - KorusIP, NSTNational Harbor 12
Manufacturing Method of SiOx Nanoparticles used for Li-ion Battery
E. Zhunwoo Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
CO2 Capture Technology using KIERSOLTM
E. Kim, Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), KR
Stem Cell-Derived Fusion Personalized Cell Therapy
T-D. Kim, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), KR
IoT-based Underground Hazard management Technology
J-H. Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI), KR
Apparatus for Generating Plasma in Liquid
D-C. Seok, National Fusion Research Institute(NFRI), KR
Plasma Torch for Material Processing and a Reactor using the Same
Y-C. Hong, National Fusion Research Institute(NFRI), KR
Synthesis of Nano Copper and Printed Electronics Ink Using the Liquid Plasma Discharge
Y-C. Hong, National Fusion Research Institute(NFRI), KR
NoBl(No Blind) Double Skin Window System
K-H. Lee, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology(KICT), KR
Composites for High Sensitivity Magnetic Sensors/Energy Harvesters
J.H. Rye, Korean Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), KR
Device with Expanded Display Area
G-H. Lee, Korean Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), KR
Porous Ceramic Balls for Bioengineering
Y-H. Suk Lee, Korean Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), KR
Conductive Film/Fiber using Al Precursor Ink
H. Moon Lee, Korean Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), KR
Goniometer Usage for Revealing the Characteristics of Grain Boundaries
H-W. Jeong, Korean Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), KR
Close Proximity Point-to-Point Communications
H-T. Kim, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI), KR
Power Interruption/MIT Power Interruption Technology
H-T. Kim, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI), KR
Superconducting Wire
H. Ha, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute(KERI), KR
Dispersant-free Conducting Paste based on Carbon Nanomaterials with Multiple Hydrogen Bonding Moieties
J. Tark Han, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute(KERI), KR
Ring-shaped Bearingless Generator with Buoyant Rotor and Modular Structure
D-J. Bang, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute(KERI), KR
Remediation Method for Aarsenic Contaminated Soils
J. Kim, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), KR
Remediation Method for Cyanide Contaminated Soils
J. Kim, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), KR
Synthetic Method of Magnetite-Birnessite Mixture and Wastewater Treatment with the Mixture
J. Kim, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), KR
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Materials/Energy - Praxair, Pioneer Natural ResourcesNational Harbor 4
Session chair: N. Cameron, Emerald Technology Ventures, CA
3:00Praxair: Innovation Spotlight
J. Sirman, Praxair, US
3:15Pioneer Natural Resources: Innovation Spotlight
S. Manning, Pioneer Natural Resources, US
3:30New Class of Inorganic Plastic Crystal Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Battery
B. Loux, Arizona Technology Enterprises (ASU), US
3:37Battery Development with Reclaimed Material
S. Sloop, OnTo Technology LLC, US
3:44Li-ion battery cathode – higher energy density/charge capacity
L. Micek, University of Minnesota, US
3:51Wave Liquefaction™: clean conversion of coal/biomass to fuels, chemicals and advanced carbon materials
G. Skoptsov, H Quest Vanguard, Inc, US
3:58An electrochemical device to convert CO2 into chemicals and fuels
N. Flanders, Opus 12, Inc., US
4:05Purification of Thin Film Solar Cell Absorber Materials
L. Micek, University of Minnesota, US
4:12Organic Aqueous Redox Flow Battery for Grid Storage (OARFB)
G. Graff, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
4:19Graphene-nanodiamond solution for achieving superlubricity
A. Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory, US
4:26Praxair, Pioneer Natural Resources: Q&A
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Manufacturing - Boeing, US NavyNational Harbor 5
Session chair: T. Greeff, NSTXL, US
3:00Boeing: Innovation Spotlight
D. Neely, Boeing, US
3:15Navy SBIR: Innovation Spotlight
R. Smith, US Navy, US
3:30Over 30,000 particle accelerators are used in over $500 billion per year in products and services. In a significant spin-off application of technology developed for science, Fermilab is developing a new class of compact, robust, high-power, energy efficient accelerators that will enable new industrial, scientific, NDE, and security applications.
C. Schmidt, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US
3:37Machine Learning for Non-Destructive Evaluation in Manufacturing Environments
G. Mulholland, Citrine Informatics, US
3:44Miniaturized Gas Chromatography (GC) for ubiquitous applications
3:51Embeddable Programmable Instrumentation Circuits (EPIC)
K. Blemel, Management Sciences, Inc., US
3:58Advanced polymer nano-composites using thermal mechanically treated biofillers
H. Van Eaton, WyoComp, US
4:05Boeing, US Navy : Q&A
3:00National Student Leader Conference Welcome (Poster Showcase in Expo Hall at 4:00)Expo Hall D & E
Session chair: Lisa Friedersdorf, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
4:00TechConnect National Innovation Showcase Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall D & E
4:00Federal Agency Booths & Pavillion - ALL Attendees Encouraged to JoinExpo Hall D & E
DARPA, Small Business Program Office
Department of Commerce, NOAA
Department of Defense, OSD Office of Small Business Programs
Department of Defense, OSD ASD(R&E)
Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences
Department of Energy
Department of Homeland Security
Department of the Army
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Navy
Department of Transportation, Volpe Center
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
MDA Advanced Research
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Small Business Administration
USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
NIH, Office of the Director
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
5:00FujiFilm Inkjet VIP - Beer & Wine Reception & WorkshopChesapeake 6
The Current State of Functional Printing
Inkjet From Development to Production

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