Engineered Graphenes & Graphene-enabled Products for Electronics Assembly

N.K. Chaki, B. Das, S. Devarajan, S. Sarkar, R. Raut and B. Singh
Alpha Assembly Solutions,

Keywords: Engineered Graphenes, Graphene-enabled Products, Electronics Assembly


Graphene is one of the most exciting 2D-material that is being researched worldwide and is envisioned to be one of the key enabling material for several disruptive technological innovations of 21st century, especially in electronics, energy and structural materials. Graphene shows several unique properties, such as anomalous quantum Hall effect at room temperature, an ambipolar electric field effect along with ballistic conduction of charge carriers, tunable band gap, and high elasticity. In spite of the remarkable properties of graphene, the widespread real world use and large scale applications of graphene-enabled products are low. One of the major roadblock (barrier) for the real world applications of graphene-enabled products is due to the lack of a suitable, environmentally friendly, high volume manufacturing (HVM) methods for the production of high-quality graphene. To overcome the fundamental synthesis related hurdles, Alpha and National Graphene Institute (NGI) at The University of Manchester, UK have collaborated for a multiyear initiative to develop HVM capable graphene production methods. The Alpha R&D team has successfully developed a proprietary and environmentally friendly, electrochemical exfoliation process for graphene production. Graphene-flakes, produced from this process possess unique combination of properties such as surface and edge functionalization, high aspect ratio and excellent electrical and thermal conductivities that make them suitable for electronic products. One of the key feature of our graphene production method is the flexibility to produce graphene flakes having different sets of flake characteristics (engineered graphene flakes). Thus “Engineered Graphenes” represents different grades of graphene flakes exhibiting different combinations of properties often required for targeted applications. Plausibly, the physical properties of engineered graphenes are governed by flake’s lateral dimension, thickness, surface area, defects present, oxygen content and crystallinity. This presentation covers characteristic features of engineered graphenes produced by this unique HVM graphene production method, the overview of the graphene-enabled products and their use for electronic applications.