Next Generation Coatings Based on Atomically Thin Materials

M. Terrones
The Pennsylvania State University,
United States

Keywords: next generation coatings, atomically thin materials


Next generation coatings will need to leverage novel materials and processes to meet the exponentially increasing range of applications in today’s society. The Center for Atomically Thin, Multifunctional Coatings (ATOMIC) is an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, facilitated by NSF's Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships, that aims to create novel coating solutions through the use of two-dimensional materials. ATOMIC leverages world expertise at Penn State and Rice University to develop next generation Atomically Thin, Multifunctional Coatings in the areas of Energy Storage and Conversion, Protective Coatings, Reliability and Multifunctionality, Scalable Routes for ATOMIC, Toxicology and Biocompatibility, and Water Purification, Desalination, and Monitoring. ATOMIC currently has 13 industrial members and it is expanding rapidly. In his presentation, ATOMIC Director Mauricio Terrones (Penn State) will link the novel properties of 2D materials to enhanced coating performance, discuss research breakthroughs, and describe the goals and structure of the center. ATOMIC is a sponsor of TechConnect, and has booth number 619 in the exposition area, for the purpose of showing potential members the recent advances in smart coating technologies and discuss unique advantages of joining this center.