2D Materials for Microfiber Based Energy Storage Device for Smart Textile of the Future.

A.K. Roy, J.M. Razal, S. Seyedin, A.T. Harris, A.I. Minett
The University of Sydney,

Keywords: graphene, MoS2, microfibre, supercapacitor


This study reports a method to spin composite micro-fibres of 2D graphene oxide (GO) liquid crystal and exfoliated MoS2 nanosheets with very high MoS2 loading. The liquid crystallinity of GO induces birefringence in the composite dispersion and enables the spinning with higher loading of MoS2 with great flexibility. The resulting fibres were an-nealed at high temperature to produce flexible conductive rGO-MoS2 fibres. Electron mi-croscopy (SEM) and Raman analysis strongly suggest homogeneous distribution of MoS2 throughout the fibres. Mechanical properties of the fibres were studied using standard tensile test. We fabricate all solid state flexible symmetric supercapacitor from these composite fibres and the electrochemical performance was studied. The electro-chemical study shows high volumetric capacity with good cycling stability that indicates high potential of these composite fibres as energy storage system for smart textile of the future.