Materials data management in research & development: improving innovation and product liability

T. Ehrig, L. Klepsch
IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH,

Keywords: software, materials data, product liability, R&D


Challenge Companies produce a huge amount of notes and tables, especially for their research and development processes. A lot of different tools are used to store such information:  Note-taking apps, like Mind-Mappers, One-Note, ...  Expert systems for special data fields  Excel for structured data Information produced for one research project is mostly unavailable to other research projects or company departments, because information is spread across:  Multiple applications with individual formats and structures  Multiple company locations and departments with individual owners, computers and file stores Furthermore, the plain knowledge about the existence of information and the existing relations between documents, notes and projects is only available to people involved in the individual projects. Mostly not documented in other places, such relations get lost when people leave the company or are not available at a time of need. Consequently, the company does not only lose data but it continuously loses time and money while being less innovative. Solutions to data and knowledge management challenges WIAM provides the software WIAM® ICE which not only cares for your information-items but also for the connections between these. This way companies can secure long-term know-how, increase quality and efficiency while shortening their innovation and production processes:  Start with your existing Excel spreadsheets and make these the basis for your WIAM® ICE data structure  Import master data from tools such as ERP, PDM, LIMS, CAD to allow WIAM® ICE to interlink it  Connect entered information to related entries, documents and ideas  Take notes in relation to the ideas, standards and tests they belong to  Find documents and entries fast by using WIAMs automatic indexing and efficient search  Make information available to other projects and departments  Be always in track of relations between ideas, standards, concepts, products, parts, materials, tests, ...  Issue quick reports, visuals and comparisons of all selected and related entries  Standardize and optimize data evaluation processes by WIAMs formula tool Results in a nutshell WIAM® ICE supports companies in:  Reducing search times for R&D information, which sums up to several days a year per company  Reducing costs of repeated work caused by missing information, which again sums up to several days a year per company  Improving quality and confidence by tracking the relation between items  Reducing the impact of losing qualified personal by keeping relations available after they leave  Improving reliability by minimizing the risk of overlooked information …consequently, saving millions of dollars in case of damage by knowing affected products and processes and by proving fast, that all SOTA information was available and used during R&D. Ultimately, WIAM® ICE supports companies in being more innovative and effective. About the company For more than 45 years, IMA Dresden and WIAM have been supporting companies in efficiently and flexibly establishing and managing information and data. Moreover, IMA Dresden develops and tests materials, parts, products for the automotive, aircraft, railway and medical industries.