Development of Coating Technology for Force-Feedback Application of Minimally Invasive Surgery

W-C Kuo, W. Wu, T. Chien, H. Hu, Y. Chong
National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology,

Keywords: parylene, minimally invasive surgery, force feedback


This research is to develop the coating technology in order to meet the disinfection and sterilization requirement for the tools package of minimally invasive surgery. In this study, the parylene coating is applied to protect the sensors and tools during the EO disinfection, high temperature high pressure sterilization and chemical liquid cleaning processes without effecting the sensitivity. Parylene film has good insulation and moisture, mildew, and acid corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. On smart instrument in minimally invasive surgery, parylene coating can achieve protection and disinfection resistance generated by electronic components for damage arising, reducing the probability of failure of surgical instruments and recycling the tools to avoid the use of disposable equipment, thereby reducing overhead costs. The coated system must also pass the pressure test to simulate the real surgery condition followed by the continuous sterilization processes. Test results show that by 5um, 10um thickness of parylene are suitable for disposable instruments, but also for the reuse of chip packaging devices.