Sustainable Water Softeners for Residential, Industrial, and Agricultural Applications

T. Vo, F. Freund, B. Stone
AkwaMag, PBC,
United States

Keywords: water efficiency, water purification, RO, DI, reverse osmosis, deionized water, salt-free softener, hydroponic, aquaponic


Hard water affects 85% of all US water systems, fouling and damaging water fixtures, pipes, and equipment. AkwaMag product improves water quality at 50% lower cost than salt softeners, and requires no maintenance. AkwaMag pass-through magnetic technology neutralizes calcium lime scale at the molecular level, making it soften and lose its electrical attraction to exposed surfaces. Utilizing in conjunction with reverse osmosis (RO) and deionized water (DI) systems, AkwaMag reduces water reject to 10% and lower operational cost by 90%. Our applications include residential, industrial, and agricultural segments.