Fabrication of Field-Sequential Color Display Using Predesigned Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals

C-Y Liu, Y-S Zhange, J-H Liu
UC Berkeley,
United States

Keywords: ferroelectric, field-sequential, fast response, frame, liquid crystals


A novel series of low transition temperature and fast response chiral Smectic C (SmC*) liquid crystals was designed and synthesized. Phase transition behaviors and electro-optical properties of the synthesized compounds were investigated and compared. Ferroelectric phase of the liquid crystals are characterized by means of DSC, POM, X-ray diffraction and electro-optical measurements. The synthesized materials revealed low melting points (< 0℃) and wide chiral Smectic C phase ranges (~80℃). The wide SmC* phase was achieved via the induction of achiral trisiloxane and chiral methyl side chain into terminal of molecules. A response time of 100 μs at the electric field of 10V/μm gives an opportunity to use the synthesized materials for the field sequential color liquid crystal display. The color frame frequency more than 200 Hz was applied by RGB LED on this FSCD.