Fluid Resistant Surfaces

B. Koene
Luna Innovations,
United States

Keywords: hydrophobic, abrasion resistant, coatings


Luna has developed a class of exceptionally durable, fluid resistant surface treatments utilizing a unique combination of surface segregating low surface energy nanostructured materials. There have been many recent research and commercial efforts in the area of water and oil repellent coatings that have demonstrated the ability to shed fluids quickly off of surfaces. Whereas many technologies have achieved the primary goal of achieving fluid shedding properties, they have all lacked mechanical and environmental durability, and/or have been difficult or expensive to apply. Luna has developed a durable inorganic-polymer hybrid coating that provides fluid repellency with excellent durability to abrasion, wear, and weathering. These coatings can be applied to numerous surfaces including glass, plastic, paint, and metals in a single step by dip, flow, brush, or spray application. The resultant hydrophobic/oleophobic surfaces have demonstrated beneficial properties of easy cleaning, anti-ice, antifouling, corrosion resistance, and rain repellency. This technology utilizes a unique self-assembled nanostructure with the hardness and barrier properties of a ceramic and the flexibility of a tough polymer leading to excellent abrasion resistance and environmental stability. These coatings are currently being evaluated for numerous applications for automotive, aerospace, marine industrial, ophthalmic, and medical industries.