In-Transit Visibility and Total Asset Visibility for Cold Chain Supply Logistics

B. McCleland, T.W. Russell
Myconi Technologies,
United States

Keywords: in transit visibiliity, wireless, secure, ad hoc, self-healing, mesh network, MANET, sensors


Thousands of temperature sensitive products that require continual monitoring and controls are shipped every day. Last year, temperature-compromised pharmaceutical products cost the industry $35.0 billion. Almost 30% of products in the perishable food market were compromised and discarded as a result of temperature exceptions. Tragically, a large number of compromised products go undetected creating a public safety issue. Myconi Technologies has developed a system comprised of environmental sensors and wireless mobile, ad hoc mesh network to continuously monitor temperature sensitive cargo and report cargo condition providing in transit visibility/situational awareness to the cargo owners. Myconi Technologies has developed a proprietary wireless, ad hoc, peer-to-peer, self-healing mesh network protocol that operates on internationally license-free frequencies (IEEE 802.15.4 ISM Standard). Myconi has incorporated this wireless technology with multiple environmental and material condition sensors into mobile monitoring devices for temperature sensitive cargo transported through global distribution systems (land, sea and air). This secure Technology Readiness Level 8 (TRL 8) system is comprised of 5 different wireless monitoring devices and 3 wireless gateway configurations that includes a secure internet-based data management platform. Implementation of the patented Myconi monitoring solution allows users to configure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light, harsh handling (shock) and tilt angle threshold parameters over-the-air for each container. The mesh network communication architecture ensures secure (256 bit AES encryption) connectivity with individual container query and report. Where connectivity cannot be maintained the Myconi solution data logs the sensor data for transmission when connectivity is restored for complete distribution system situational awareness. Ultra-low power circuitry is designed in every device ensuring a battery life of 6 months or greater. While there is no GPS in the sensor tags, location is derived from the GPS within the gateway device and Inertial Navigation Algorithms. This innovative capability will provide In Transit Visibility (ITV)/Total Asset Visibility (TAV) and material condition throughout the Cold-Chain distribution system for both perishable and sensitive cargo, providing situational awareness and accountability information to cargo owners. This Myconi capability far exceeds other cargo tracking/data logging technologies with the self-healing, secure, mobile ad hoc network (MANET) mesh networking capability and the extended battery life. This assured connectivity and material condition reporting directly enhances logistics situational awareness. Myconi has invested $1.4m in research and development to productize this capability; has been awarded 7 patents for this system; and is prepared to provide this capability for operational test/ evaluation and transition to the Services. Todd W. Russell CDR, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Innovative Technologies Integration 7277357559 Barry McCleland CEO, Myconi Technologies 8175010265