Optical properties of transparent conducting amorphous oxides for low emissive smart window

S.Y. Lee
Cheongju University,

Keywords: low emissivity, smart window, amorphous oxides


Amorphous oxide multilayer structures for low emissive smart window application have been fabricated by using controlled multilayer system of amorphous transparent semiconductor and metallic Ag. Thickness of multilayered film in nano scale has been systematically changed for high transmittance in visible range and low emissivity in infrared range for energy saved low emissivity applications. The simulation and experimental results of the transmittance with different Ag thicknesses have been compared to explore the possibility of the improved optical property with thinner Ag layer structure and the transparent conducting oxides applications for transparent electrodes. It has been found that the formation of thin Ag nano-layer has been transited from island formation to a continuous layered structure occurred at above certain critical thickness. Continuity of the Ag nano-layer is very important for the optical properties to obtain low emissivity. The thickness of Ag layer can be decreased mainly due to amorphous oxide layer having smooth surface roughness and low surface energy. This could provide the possibility of low emissivity window applications with low cost for green building energy efficiency.