Hydrogel Films with CNT for biosensing applications

V. Paloma, C. Jorge, E. Rodolfo
Iberoamericana University,

Keywords: biosensing, PVA, Carbopol


Hydrogels have been probe to be an amazing material, we present and hydrogel that we formulated with a mix of carbopol 940 and PVA, the selection of this material is because they present a high level of compatibility with biological enviroment. Multiwalled CNT that we obtained from Nanotechnology Lab of the Iberoamericana University, after the functionalization of the CNT, were mixed with the Carbopol and PVA Solution to obtained a film of Hydrogel with CNT. For the characterization, we use Raman Spectroscopy, determine %Swelling. The purpose of this method is utilized the film as a biosensor for bacteria detection or as a drug delivery devices. Also, we could introduce this film in a microfluidic device to probe that can be use a biosensor.